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  1. Hm, apprently I'm "emotionnally and physically abusive" ya'll better watch out cx

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    2. Josh (J)

      Josh (J)

      . .unless it was entirely fabricated altogether.

    3. SketchyDrone


      This was just supposed to be some off-handed comment. I didn't expect any form of discussion. I hardly use this site so if everyone thinks I'm evil and terrible because of what he said then so be it.

    4. GodslilGirl


      I miss you. (:

  2. SketchyDrone

    Hairy chest and back

    I know this isn’t the answer you want but unfortunately you just have to deal with having it until you get enough money for laser hair removal. When actually shaving go over all of it twice. Be extra careful with your back though!! I tried to do it once and got a huge cut going down most of my back which bleed a lot and was not fun times xc
  3. SketchyDrone

    Top three favorite songs and bands?

    Lecrae tho <3
  4. SketchyDrone

    Top three favorite songs and bands?

    They change on a daily basis cx except my first favorite song/band - Gorillaz c: - Daughter - Artic Mokeys --- -Tom’s diner -Suzanne Vega!!!!! <3 (I’m super mad at fallout boy for punching my favorite song in the face) - Blue and Grey – Daughter :3 -Two birds - Regina Spektor
  5. Mine is a photo of myself.... Is that bad? D":
  6. Oh no! It's too cute!!
  7. You are a child cx And it's super adorkable <3
  8. SketchyDrone

    16 and Never Been Kissed

    Mike!!! No xc Kissing is wonderful though...
  9. SketchyDrone

    World's Strongest Woman Loses...

    Yikes, what a mess
  10. SketchyDrone


    The fourth kind was pretty good.. Maybe not the best though.
  11. SketchyDrone

    Rate The Awful Song Above

    The least you could do is use the actual video. Just because you hate something doesn’t mean everybody else does. You do know that this isn’t even the original song right?
  12. SketchyDrone


  13. SketchyDrone