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    Kissing- should it wait for marriage?

    I had a bad experience at 22 where my first kiss was drunk with a guy I'd just met--I don't count that. I stopped before we had sex and he was gentleman enough to not force the issue. I believe there's forgiveness for that mistake. My "real" first kiss was with my now-husband. I was 27. It was when he asked me to marry him. It was a romantic non-tongue kiss. We'd agreed while dating that kissing would wait until we were engaged. Our first tongue-kiss was at the altar on our wedding day. That said, we were so careful to put guidelines around kissing that we didn't put guidelines around other things. We had full body contact (clothed, but still...), he saw me in a cami and short shorts on numerous occasions, There was neck-kissing and ear-nibbling. We both got more aroused than we should have while dating. We did remain sexually pure until the wedding, but there were things that we could have done to make sure the temptation was less. I think a lot of times the focus is on to kiss or not to kiss and not on maintaining purity in all areas.