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  1. Kasa

    What European country should you live in?

    Hmm..I got Monaco...Guess that is what I get for picking comic sans for favorite font...I mean....No I didn`t...>.>
  2. Kasa

    Glasses, Contacts, or neither?

    This! Expect opposite XD It strains my eyes and hurts to read stuff from far away...so I guess i`m near-sighted? I barely ever wear them though.Only when i`m doing stuff that requires me to read from afar.
  3. Kasa

    Giving Money to the Homeless

    ^ Exactly me...It makes me really uncomfortable if anyone just randomly talks to me on the street...and people asking me to do things makes me even more uncomfortable and awkward....I once (Don`t hate me!) was asked if I could spare food by this...I dont even know...I`ve always just been like..."That was totally God" He was older and his mouth did not seem to match his words at all...Like there was a delay or anything...But back to the story...So I was in the car waiting for my mom to come out of the store and I was eating foods...so he came up to me..knocked on the window and asked for food...It really freaked me out and I got super awkward and confused...So I grabbed the first thing in sight and gave it to him..............................................................A single chicken nugget from McDonalds......even though we had like...10 sandwiches in the car beside the nuggets.....He happily ate it and said thanks and walked off, I got super confused and kept playing it in my head over and over...then got out and started looking around for him but I couldn`t see him anywhere so I got back in the car and locked the doors til my mom came out >.< ....Also..Did I mention it was raining?
  4. So...I umm...Beat Dark Souls...I don`t know what to do with my life anymore...T.T

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    2. Zabby


      Slycooper said exactly what I was gonna say xD

    3. Kasa


      -sigh- It never ends...A gamers work is never done I suppose...Lets get it over with XD

    4. Zabby


      Well you know it can end if you don't want to play games.

  5. All hail the glow cloud!

    1. Kasa


      "There’s a special place in Hell. It’s really hip. Very exclusive" XD I love Night Vale

  6. Kasa

    Hiya...Kasa Here.

    So yeah. After reading through a few topics I`ve decided that while I enjoy some of the people I have met and spoken to...The feel of the site and the whole belief system it seems to have is not something that I personally agree with and/or want to be a part of. So from hence forth I shall be taking my leave of the site. Thanks for all the kind words and nice conversations. Goodbye everyone.
  7. Kasa


    Hiya..Welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy yourself here.
  8. Kasa


    Hiya! Welcome to the site ^.^
  9. I like your Night Vale

    1. Kasa


      Thanks! I couldn`t think of an image and I had Night Vale open in another tab so I was just like "Eh..What the heck"

    2. SketchyDrone


      Whatever works ^.^

  10. Kasa

    Hiya...Kasa Here.

    Haha! Thanks! If you play Dark souls Or Demon souls and get stuck feel free to PM me and i`ll try to help you thru it! Yay to new friends! XD
  11. I`m not exactly sure if this is the place for it...But I was wondering if anyone has...or knows of... or is thinking of.. or knows someone who is thinking of having the game Terraria. Its a game that is similar to minecraft but is 2-D. Its pretty fun and I was thinking of setting up a server for people to play on if people thought that would be a good idea/fun. There would be a few little complications to work out but if people would enjoy it I would love to play with anyone who is interested ^.^ So umm...discuss? Ahh I just saw there is a place for it! Ugh!
  12. Dark Souls...So close to beating...Yet so far away..

    1. Radical Edward

      Radical Edward

      Literally haven't even killed the first boss in Dark Souls. I got it for Christmas last year.

    2. Kasa


      Haha! I am like...three from the last boss. Im only as far as I am because my friend and I marathoned it a few nights ago

    3. Kasa


      I love it...Me and my friend are also obsessed...He knows almost every secret to the game there is...its crazy...ive spent like...130+ hours so far I think

  13. I love me some anti jokes XD
  14. Kasa

    Hiya...Kasa Here.

    Oh! There is a chat! I just saw it! XD