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  1. RT-4-777

    Stuff You Wish Guys Knew

    I am a guy. This is so cool! I know most of this stuff, save a shred of a few. I don't want to be boastful, I am very glad that I know all of this. I love hugs.
  2. Hello all, I am wondering about something. I have a new girlfriend, for about a month now. I don't want to tell my parents because they have warned about the world being dangerous and so on, it's not a good place for children. I don't have any intent of having children, but I do want a long-term relationship and maybe marriage. I am sure my family will never look at me the same way if I do tell. I know deceit is bad, but telling the truth would mean certain fate. Any ideas?
  3. I am posting this to see if anyone has any of these experiences, and wishes to share them with everyone! If you have good news, then share it!
  4. RT-4-777

    Breaking up.

    No problem! I hope you find what you are looking for.
  5. RT-4-777

    Are you planning on getting married?

    I would love to get married, but raising children in this current world is such a bad idea, I think.
  6. RT-4-777

    Breaking up.

    I think he may have a narcissistic problem, so breaking up with him is a good idea. You do have a real reason, that you don't love him anymore, or there is nothing emotional left. So, that is a good enough reason to break up. He will try to get you to feel bad about it, but doing it in person is always the best idea. You are not insane for breaking up, you are smart. Some part of your psyche has lost interest, so your subconscious may have picked something up about him that you did not. God bless you!