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    My name is JoyfulFleur. You can call me Joy, Fleur, or whatever you prefer. I don't mind :)
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    Horseback riding, drawing, graphic designing, politics, photography
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  1. Hi! How are you?

    1. JoyfulFleur


      Hey, Delores! Long time no talk. How are things going for you? I'm good, thank you. :) Just been dreadfully busy with college and work.

    2. Delores Stariana

      Delores Stariana

      Things are good, I do believe. I'm glad things are good for you! Hope they keep going that way. :)

  2. JoyfulFleur

    God's plan for me

    Ah, yes, one of Satan's most powerful tactics is causing us to doubt. The thing is, we needn't concern ourselves with these thoughts. The Bible tells us, time and time again, that the Lord is our provider! And we can have confidence that this is true. You're right about God not being finished with you yet. What you are today is not what you will be tomorrow. I can firmly attest to this as being true. A year ago I used to struggle with anxiety, and to the point it would become downright tormenting in certain situations. Overcoming it on my own was an extreme battle. I couldn't do it. No matter how hard I tried. So in an act of desperation, I finally gave my anxiety over to God three months ago and was completely set free! Really, I'm doing things now I would have never imagined I'd be doing. For I would have been either too scared or unsure about my capabilities. I'm also a lot more talkative and if you personally knew me, you would have to agree that's a miracle in itself. So, yes, you're completely right that God is not finished with you yet. Of course, you should be seeking God on this matter as much as you can. After all, He is the one who has called you to do this. He knows what will prepare you best for this life and what you must do next. Likewise, I'm not speaking about seeking Him for a month then giving up after not receiving any response. No, I mean full out persistence! Seeking him daily and waiting patiently with faith that He's going to lead and answer you regardless if you might have to spend a year seeking! If you want to work in ministry, you'll have to learn to be a listener first.
  3. JoyfulFleur

    Hi, new here :)

    Hi, Kya! Welcome to CTF! We're so glad to have you here.
  4. Read your about me and I didn't know you and your family are missionaries. That's way too cool! I plan on being a missionary.

    1. FOX545


      Cool. Do you have any ideas of where your missions field is?

    2. JoyfulFleur


      I'm thinking France, Poland or Asia. Most likely Asia though.

    3. FOX545
  5. JoyfulFleur


    Exactly. I'm Canadian(live in the states now) and I never understood Americans who threaten to move there. It is not going to be any better. If anything, they'd probably hate it more.
  6. JoyfulFleur

    How I found God

    Aw. This is wonderful. Thanks for sharing, Michi! God is an awesome God, and I'm so glad to hear you're doing better.
  7. JoyfulFleur

    Favourite living theologian/minister etc.?

    I'd have to say that Eric Ludy is my favorite.
  8. JoyfulFleur


    God isn't going to trick you like that. He's not going to be your friend one minute then your persecutor the next. That sounds very bipolar of Him ,and we already know that the Lord is not the author of confusion(1 Corinthians 14:33). So that is a pretty clear indicator where your thoughts are coming from. If you have a honest and true fellowship with Jesus, I assure you that you are secured in Him. How do you feel like you are not growing in Christ? Are you unable to kick certain sins to the curb or do you just feel like you aren't growing at all and are stuck in life? Less worse is an improvement, believe it or not. We are also our own worst critics, so you could be growing but fail to notice because of doubt and guilt.
  9. JoyfulFleur


    Welcome to CTF!
  10. That is good! Nice weather always helps. :) I'm doing well, thank you.

  11. I'm doing pretty good, thank you. The weather has been super nice lately and that makes me happy. :) How are you doing?

  12. JoyfulFleur

    Rose's intro!

    Hi, Rose! We're glad to have you here. Welcome! By the way, I really love your name. It's so pretty!
  13. Haha, I know what you meant. XD Yes, Chinese would be cool to learn and hopefully my dad will agree. :) How are you?

  14. JoyfulFleur

    The Test to End All Tests.

    Absolutely. I'll be praying!
  15. Chinese is cool, but I think learning how to spell in that language would be very difficult. I hope your dad will agree. :)

    1. JoyfulFleur


      ^Lol! That sounds like I'm saying I hope your dad agrees that Chinese letters are difficult. Definitely not what I was saying. xD