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  1. Richard.r

    Christian Role Players

    Been a fair few years since I visited here, sad to see the RP section not had posts since 2016 As a few know a group of friends and I have ran a Christian rp site since 2011, as we go into 2017 we are looking into ways to expand our role play focus, tweaking formulas, and creating features to allow the most immersive experience, to this end we have developed a system that allows you to create character accounts in seconds, linked to your account which allows you to have a avatar, signature, custom title, and more per character, and post as them with a single click from your posting interface dropdown, if anyone here would like to join us we'd love to have you as we go into 2017 trying new ways to tweak and enhance our system, 2 new role plays, one based around star wars and another around conan have began using a new system we have dubbed intense, the system uses a custom software addon which splitss up plots to their own thread, linked to the main story, but avoiding stagnation or plot drift of the main plot/thread. Paraskeve from this site joined us a few years ago and has gone onto to become one of our vital writers and staff members. If you decide to join us or not, thank you for reading and hope you have a great Christ filled day! https://role-play-haven.com
  2. Richard.r


    Tapatalk is a mobile app that supports this software, free to both owners and users (in the free package) https://tapatalk.com/
  3. Richard.r

    need your opinions!

    Howdy all, as some know i run a christian rp forum, in preparation for launching a new star wars themed rp i have began coding some custom features. Planned features Light and Darkside points/meter that reflects light or dark actions in posts. Bounty hunting/ bounty System Slicing Skills Battle system using D&D style dice rolls. Credits/Currency Equipment Items/weapons showing in posts. Custom artwork, banners etc for each thread. custom class/character type images for posts (jedi, smuggler etc) I was wondering if anyone else had any cool ideas which would fit the genre?
  4. Richard.r

    Hey. Again.

    Welcome back!
  5. Richard.r


    welcome grant! hope you like it here!
  6. Richard.r

    Hi!Newbie here.

    Welcome! hope you like it here
  7. welcome! and howdy yall:P one of my best friends is from down south, she teaches english to 6th graders
  8. Welcome! and awesome a writer! what kind of books do you like writing? As for me, I am one of the old school members of ctf who has been here nearly a decade yet still under 75 posts (forgot my original login lol) I enjoy writing, reading, video games, and web design and most of all a follower of Jesus Christ!
  9. Richard.r

    Ark Survival Evolved

    anyone else here play Ark? Its fast become one of my favorite games of the last decade.lol http://store.steampowered.com/app/346110/
  10. Richard.r

    Roleplay Discussion

    A group of friends and i started a christian themed star wars inspired rp series (fidelis) our latest episode just started, anyone who into sci fi welcome Current episode http://kingdomgamer.net/mysteries-of-the-mysts.t844/ Backstory to the Current Episode (WIP) http://kingdomgamer.net/karkha-hegemony.f134/ Series http://kingdomgamer.net/the-fidelis-universe.f43/ (and an unrelated WIP based in a post apoc world) http://kingdomgamer.net/rule-of-law-universe.f111/
  11. Richard.r

    Roleplay Discussion

    On another forum i rp on, we have just ebgan rolling out an enhanced rpg system, which allows seperate avatars and rank/traits per character, its a pretty cool system which helps with getting the overall feel of the setting.
  12. Richard.r

    Any good Christian Graphic Novels?

    there are 7 ted dekker graphic novels (i own them) pretty good art and great story.
  13. Richard.r

    e3 2015 Digitial ticket bundle!

    https://www.humblebundle.com/twitche3 woot wildstar for the 1sd tier! an awesome bundle
  14. anyone score any bargains yet? for me Rogue Legacy for 80% off and TheRepopulation 25% off
  15. Richard.r

    Hi everybody! Another new person here.

    whats your favorite web software? or coding language? and welcome!