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  1. Hey ya'll, My name's Kristin and I'm 17 years old. I searched for a board that allowed a community of young adults to come together in worship of God's creation. He's blessed my life beyond measure and I would love to hear about how's he's working in each of your life. To start out my story I want to let you know that the process that I have been through to be where I am today is nothing short of beautiful. However, the details and events aren't beautiful. But by God's grace I am healthy and happy, and so excited to see if any new friendships come to me through this community. My childhood is nothing of significance to you guys.. typical tomboy girl who grew up in a Christian home and had a love for God's creation. When I was 8 years old my Grandpa passed away. I was old enough to know what it meant and to feel the weight of it.. yet not old enough to know why or how to cope through it. After his death my family started to fall apart. A year later, almost to the day.. his dedicated and beautiful wife, my Grandma, followed him to heaven. After this, my family was split apart in every aspect but legally. We all stayed under the same roof but we all coped differently instead of together. Here's how I coped, and how that lead me to where I am today. Seeing a family fall apart is devastating and for me it seemed far beyond my understanding. I could not grasp why my family didn't want to spend time together. So I went into self-sufficient mode, and didn't depend on anyone. But there was an ache inside I couldn't shake. I lived with this ache for 3 years until I needed to find a release from it. Seventh grade was when the journey of self injury came out of the shadows. Yes, self injury. It started as small scraped on the skin.. but as time went on in got worse. No one knew about it and I planned to keep it that way. This was my secret, and my way of handling things. I painted a perfect picture. I was this happy, spunky girl who liked a lot of wrist bands. No one ever questioned it. Summer after 7th grade, I had no way of hiding it anymore. It spread from little scrapes across my wrist to my forearm, my thigh and my shoulders. When my parents found out.. they gave me a slap on the hand (metaphorically of course) and thought nothing more of it. Two months went by and I was miserable. I didn't want to know what my life had in hand for me... so I attempted suicide. Obviously because I'm typing this today.. It failed. But it was an eye opener to my parents. They instantly put me into therapy and withdrew me from school. I was home schooled, but most of my time went to helping my mind get healthy again. That following summer I was swept off my feet by a boy on the wresting team. He was dashing and funny. But little did I know, he got physical with girls who would not suit his sexual desires. That was the first and only time I have put myself in a vulnerable position to be hurt my a man.. physically of course. It could have been worse, but I left his house with a damaged heart and a shiny black eye. No charges were ever pressed because I never told anymore. I'm clumsy enough everyone believed I fell. Literally. No one questioned it. 9th grade I was put back into school after my psychologist gave the OK, and I was back on track. I even made my best friend my boyfriend and spent a happy 9 months with him. It wouldn't have ended had I moved 3 thousand miles away to a little Island in Canada. Long story short, I was mad at my dad for moving me there, upset with my Mom for allowing me, and heartbroken because the boy I gave my heart to was still waiting for me. Because I was over self injury.. I turned to something else. Drugs. Yes, at 15 years of age I was self prescribing, getting high with my "friends" at lunch, and taking it home so I wouldn't be lonely as my insomnia came into play. This went on for 5 months until I got some laced marijuana and passed out. My parents found out from the school and I was pulled. Through that experience before the black out.. I was the closest I have ever been to death. But after that, I have not touched it again. Not by force, but by choice. I saw the ugly in drugs for the first time and decided to never see it again. May of 2012 we moved from Canada, to Alabama. A little tiny town. I have had all my lifetime triumphs there. Had my one year sobriety, my debut as a lead role in a play, graduated a year above my class, and met the man I plan on making my husband. I've had amazing memories there. But my favorite? Where this awesome creator named God took my heart away. I've never believed when people told me God could show me things I didn't know. Like, I just couldn't grasp it. Until I night I was at a Conference and God literally gave me pictures of my past that I had forced myself to forget. Pieces I didn't want anyone to see because they were ugly and embarrasing. Through the worship song "How He Loves Us" he showed me the ugly. But even though he saw these things.. He told me He loved me anyways. That He knows the deepest and darkest of hearts.. and takes that away to love me for who HE created me to be. Awesome huh? Ever since that experience, I have been His. He holds those broken pieces of my heart.. and gives me new ones to cherish. He gives me so much that it's nothing short of a blessing. Through him, I am created new. At seventeen years of age, I'm close to being 2 years sober, I'm graduated a year above my class, and moved out and living in Texas. I have a man who respects my wish of staying pure until marriage.. and is doing everything to get us to that point where he can ask my Daddy for my hand. My family has come back together and has found beauty through the struggle. And I have a God who fights for my stubborn heart every day, and that I willingly give to Him. I have a long ways to go, but I wanted to share. I would love to meet new people and have uplifting friendships. God bless y'all and don't be shy! Let's praise together.