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  1. AmaiEmiko

    Mac or PC

    Go with a PC unless, your doing something that involves a Mac only program(xcode) then I would suggest a mac and dual partition it. PC seems to be more user friendly when it comes to school.
  2. AmaiEmiko

    I need help because my Macbook is acting up

    Try starting up the safe mode on the Mac >Turn off your Mac by clicking the power button >wait till off >Turn back on, once the Apple sound plays hold Down Shift Don't let go till the apple icon appears with a progression bar From here you will have entered safe mode If that does not work and you still can't get into it, your data is at a lost and you need a new harddrive. Sometimes Mac s can't seem to find their start disk , so this problem happens. I had it once. Hope this helps.
  3. AmaiEmiko

    Which book of the Bible are you currently reading?

    Currently re-reading Proverbs again there is a lot of guidelines, "spreadsheets", how to s, its actually a really good book once you dissect it
  4. AmaiEmiko


    I think I started at the end of season 3 only because I had lighten strike of a liking for both Glenn and Carol. I actually can't wait for the Next Season, so much is happening (thought there use to be a thread on this before)
  5. AmaiEmiko

    Studio Ghibli

    Studio Ghibli was the only production I would gladly watch anime from New favorite "Only Yesterday" a Good friend of mine from Japan recommend it to me, stating this movie will help you understand how we think. It's actually a well laid out film. Second is Totoro, Gotta love a Shinto Spirit with a fuzzy tail and terrifying transportation system ~Meeeoooooow~
  6. AmaiEmiko

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Star Trek into Darkness (Gotta love Scotty)
  7. AmaiEmiko

    Dell or HP?

    Honestly stay away from HP. I've had 3 in the past, all bad batteries. After a year if not less of using the HPs the battery goes bad, the fan and cooling system start to fail, and replacing it will only help for a couple of days before it starts happening again. I got so fed up of buying batteries and more models that i just switch to a Mac. Not saying mac is great with gaming, but Invest in Alienware or building. Going the cheaper route will only give you so much more trouble. Ebay, new egg, and other online retailers have sales on parts, and it doesn't take a genius to construct a PC
  8. AmaiEmiko

    How many of you guys are Harvest Moon fans?

    Story of Season is good, a little slow in the beginning, lots of dialogue, but once the farm is up and running its fun, trade is a good way of making money. I remember spending most of my time collecting insects while I waited for my crops to mature. I will be honest though, I quit half way along the game because relationships were a bit of a challenge to me. Having to go to each madden and try to get one. It gives a somewhat sense of the old Harvest moons. Now the last installment labeled Harvest moon was horrible. I don't know if it counts as part of the series, I read somewhere there was a fallout and the original programmers separated, creating "Story of Season. My Favorite HM will always be Boy and girl ,simple and fun.
  9. AmaiEmiko

    PS4 or XBox One?

    XBOX ONE Allll the way, got a Forza bundle, beautiful. Plus the fact that the BC games coming out every other month are great! PS4 won't be backwards compatible, During E3 they expressed no plan to do so.
  10. AmaiEmiko

    Any tea-drinkers?

    I have an addiction to Early Grey, but only when it is loose leaf tea, it taste a lot different from the bag version. Also my local Teavana's tea "princess peach" Its a blend of 4 teas at strategic times. First one then add two others, last the strongest. It taste like sweet peach tea without any sugar. I don't like sugar in my teas, but if I must add I put 14ml in about 709ml water.
  11. AmaiEmiko

    Jewelry Making

    You do well at the steam punk theme. It's lovely(I'm jelly) I just do simple beaded jewelry, but I'm a bit better at working with clay then beads. https://www.etsy.com/listing/263563086/rose-earrings?ref=shop_home_active_2 https://www.etsy.com/listing/263455879/spring-leave-charm-bracelet?ref=shop_home_active_3
  12. AmaiEmiko


    Went for Skillet the first time. This Past week i think it was, also went For Red, but all the bands were pretty good. I scared the poor lady sitting next to me when Red came on and started to scream the lyrics. Naturally you just have to scream along. I think she'll be a bit choosey who she sits beside next time. (sorry )
  13. AmaiEmiko

    What book are you reading now?

    The Hobbit This is so addictive!! Second time reading, Enough said.
  14. AmaiEmiko

    Songs That Makes You Cry...

    Oceans- Hillsong United, Always cause it feels like a story of my life for a bit. The Lyrics are strong, and filled with heartfelt help Serenade- Versailles PQ , It was a tribute song to a much loved member of the band. Tons of fans including me grew attached to him, and when he passed they erected this song to show love and appreciation for his gift to the band.
  15. AmaiEmiko

    Decision based gaming.

    Literally the Best Part of the Game!!! I think I replayed it just to do that chapter all over again. I don't know if "Deadly Premonitions "would count, but thats also another one, a little twisted if you ask me.