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    hi, i'm a proud christian. I'm here especially for ameliorate my english. I hope it'll help me to :) i'm here so if you want to talk, don't hesitate. bYe
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    make new friends and talk about everythings with christian teens like me ♥ love. xx
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    dancing, singing, studying
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  1. Ines

    i don't know if i'm bisexual..

    yes, i don't want to do the "pretentious" girl but I'm mature and more mature than these jerks in my class but I experienced things not easy, so, it helped me to becoming a bit more mature than others. But you're all right, i'll wait to be sure of my attirance before tells my parents, and really date girls. I've already have a crush on a girl before, and it felt good. idk i fell in love with her... But now, i'm not sure, so, i'll wait thank y'all.
  2. Ines

    i don't know if i'm bisexual..

    thank you for the link, i'll read it sooner bYe
  3. Ines

    i don't know if i'm bisexual..

    haha, thank you so much for your (long) answer. I take it seriously, and yes, I'm a bit unsured, but time & god will help me to choose of what i really want..tysm. i'll help me ♥
  4. Ines

    i don't know if i'm bisexual..

    oh , yeah i'm absolutely agree! thank you
  5. hi everyone i just wanted to know if..well, i'm a little young for know if I really love girls but i feel like I have a little attirance for girls..and i don't know if it's a "sin" because, it's not 'natural'..God created the man and the woman for being together but ...my parents would probably get made if i'd tell them but now, i'm not really sure of this choice.. i never had a lot of boys friends like i've never been very closed to a boy...i tought they're stupid and everything ..you know..maybe it's those boys of my generation.. Anyway, if you have advice to tell me, it'll be nice. I love y'all ♥
  6. hi becky nice to talk to you. that's doesn't matter if you don't speak french haha, me too, i can speak english but not very well so..this is the reason why i'm here ♥ but did u ever learned french at school ? i tought yes
  7. Ines

    I'm officially married! :)

    congrats ! i'm so happy for two of you i dont think we've spoken before but it's awesome i hope you'll be happy and he's the good boy aha byee xx
  8. i already saw "La Vie D'adéle". It's a great movie ! or maybe i'm making confusions with an another movie..idk um..oh no ! i saw "L'incroyable Aventure d'Adèle Blansec" lol
  9. omg it's so emotional!! i'm a little bit speechless...you're strong
  10. oh ok, sorry and who told you to became christian ? i mean..how ?
  11. ow ok it's clear so since you were in high school, you became christian but especially Catholic. Right ?
  12. same haha how did uu found it ? for my part, i was dissapointed. I expected more from this movie
  13. i just saw the new movie "Gravity" with George Clooney right now. I went to the theatre, and i just get home now
  14. Oh yes, you meant "sweetie" well..i'm protestant. wbu?
  15. weird "ma cherie????" ^^ i'm protestant