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  1. Jesus_Is_My_Lifesaver

    My twin sister...

    Thank you, I will !
  2. Jesus_Is_My_Lifesaver


    Thank you!!! So, thank you Anya, and if you're OK, I would love to be help with my english! Aha, yes! XD Oh, yes! If you're OK too, thank you, and I hope I can learn some things with you! Thank you!!
  3. Jesus_Is_My_Lifesaver


    Thank you !
  4. Someone for talking ? I never eat someone (yet) :P

    1. blackbear4110


      Whew! That's a relief! :P

      I don't bite either. (:

  5. Jesus_Is_My_Lifesaver

    My twin sister...

    She's my twin sister, yes
  6. Jesus_Is_My_Lifesaver


    Thanks Zabby ! It's a good idea, having a person for teacher, for help me with my english ! I hope someone get volontar ! Why it's not good for making friends ? Hm, if you are volontar, we can switch. I learn you some of French, and you learn me some of English ! Like you want. Thanks ! I will
  7. Jesus_Is_My_Lifesaver

    Prayers for Abigail H.

    Poor family. Pray for them, I hope they find her soon !
  8. Jesus_Is_My_Lifesaver

    Hey everybody

    Welcome to CTF Grace-Christine !
  9. Jesus_Is_My_Lifesaver

    My twin sister...

    Hi everybody ! So : Two years ago, i went live with my father (yes, my parents are separated). My lil brother and my twin sister live with my mother. Now, my sister always make me scenes for I come back live with them. But, i won't come back, and I won't make pain to them. What should I do ?
  10. Jesus_Is_My_Lifesaver


    Hi everybody ! So, i'm new here, and i'm French, so sorry for the mistakes ! I'm a proud christian and a proud Belieber (be respecful please !). I have a particular relationship with God. Like everybody here, i think. So, here i am. I'm here for meet persons, too. And, may, make friends ? I hope this forum will help me with my english. I have a... A strange past. My life was hard since my 5 years. I had suicidal ideas, ect. But I'm never cut myself, i never do anything about that. Jesus saved me, and this day, I give my life to Jesus. I'm a little scared for the end of the world, and I'm sure it's not so far... Before, Satan has the power on me, but now, i have power on him. My wish is die without suffering, but I think it's impossible. I don't like suicidal's persons, or... WHo cut himself. Jesus give us a body, it's not for cut it. I'm scared of ghosts and dead. Yes, I believe in ghosts. They exist, It's even write in The Bible. What else... My real name is Elsa. My father is congolese, and my mother is french. Anyway, see you !!