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  1. Ame

    Grandpa's health

    My grandad, 73 years of age recently had a stroke. I have been scared to death in the past few days. Please please please keep him in your prayers
  2. Yes, I get it that the idea of elections and what-have-you was first "discovered" in the church but I'm interested to find out whether politics should be allowed in the church. Now that it's almost elections, we get political candidates coming into the church and donating whatever they can get their hands on.i don't know if I'm reading too much into this but I find that it's his way of campaigning. Should this be allowed in the church? I mean the church is a place of worship and fellowship.why should we let external/worldly things come and do what they do in the house of the Lord? Your opinions
  3. Ame

    Metrosexual boyfriends

    I personally believe that there is a thin line between a metrosexual guy and a homosexual one. I personally don't think I can date a guy who loves shopping more than me, who groom himself and looks at himself in the mirror than myself and has more feminine tendencies more than I, the female. Would you dates a guy who is metrosexual?
  4. As we celebrate the month of youth against HIV/AIDS many issues were raised about why sex workers do what they do...the most appaling testimony given by one of the sex workers present at yesterday's conference was that her ex-husband had been unfaithful to her after 12 years of marriage and thus given her HIV. She then felt so much hatred and because of the discrimination and/or stigma had felt the need for revenge against all men. This, she days, was how she got into prostitution. "I give them AIDS and they pay me for it". Does the evil spirit work in these women to spred so much hatred and how does one counsel someone with such a mentality?
  5. The Bible discourages against divorce unless one has been unfaithful...I'm just wondering if this applies to abuse as well..and how do you help a friend who is in an abusive relationship because she believes so much in second chances?
  6. I guess I lack understanding about the functions of the church
  7. I still feel its not our place to say who is and who is not to enter the house of God *shrugs* I mean we know that God doesn't want a liens tongue or feet that rush to do evil but it's things we do everyday...we also are going against God's word...what gives us the right to come to church?what makes us different?
  8. How and where are these people supposed to seek for the forgiveness of their sins?
  9. So you are saying it is right to remove those that have sinned from the church? Doesn't the Bible say in Isaiah 1:18 say " come let us reason together, says the Lord.though your sins are like scarlet they shall be white as snow;though they are red as crimson they shall be like wool" where then are we as sinners suppose to claim such wonderful promises if not in the church?
  10. Can long distance relationships work?i mean if you're living in the states and your boyfriend is all the way in Australia for heaven knows how long, can you really make it work?
  11. Ame

    Would you date a non-virgin

    Usually people, especially girls, don't want to date non virgins because they feel they are after one thing...it may not be true for all guys but some tend to cheat because the aren't getting any from their virgin girlfriends who choose to be celibate.for me...I don't mind so long as there is love and trust in the relationship