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    welll.....1. im part of a family that has more problems the the contry i live in, but if i had a choice between them and a differant one....i dont know how id live!!

    2. im alaskan...guns are awsome(guns dont kill...the people holding them do) hunting is great, but nothing beats sliding an ATV over 7 in of ice... =)

    3. im american...(yep, state gose before country,sad right?)
    3 1/2. im very political and will tell you my mind,i also have a knak for pissing people because i am so. so if i do, please tell me...i dont get verbal/cyber quese

    4. im homeschooled and have been sense middleschool,and...trust me...im FAR from shelterd.

    5.i am ADHD and desylexic...i will sometimes leave a sentence half finished and spell the simpleist things wrong

    ya soooooo.....
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    i want to be an ANP (advanced nurse practitioner) and might go into the army so i can pay for colledge.
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    parttime in a construction warehouse(i sell you the filters and stuff)
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    non-denominational Christain
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  1. Dysfunctional families....gotta love em

  2. Jennyson

    I'm going to go to school....

    One....it's free....two...i have "family"(not really related to me and aren't my favorite people in the world) that go to the public school and I know a due people that go there, plus theirs a hockey team at the public school and not one at the private
  3. Jennyson

    I'm going to go to school....

    Ok...so due to doctor orders,we can't homeschool because it causes stress ooh my mom...and I've been homeschooled since middle school....I'm going to go to a Christian school...but I've heard that kids that get kicked out of school for sex,drug,or alcohol go here...I don't know what to do... I mean I love my mom, and I love the Idea of going to a school,but I believe it world be better going to a public school if the Christian school has the same thing.
  4. Jennyson

    Stance on Abortion?

    I was raised to believe abortion was wrong,but okay under circumstances like, it would hurt the other kids if the mom had that baby due to the fact she was un married or widowed or the mothers life is in danger...I don't believe this completely. In America,if you un married and have a kid...it's not a big deal, although i wish it was. And if you under age and get pregnant....you are the one who decided to sleep with who you did...the child didn't just "pofff" in to your womb. And I ,personally believe that abortion is murder, that's why when people have then, they can't sleep,they have nightmares,and they regret it. And it's not true when they say"it won't feel a thing" the first thing that starts to develop is the nervous system,which allows you to feel pain...
  5. Jennyson

    First kisses.....

    *laughs so hard, falls on ground*
  6. Moms in the hospital...Christmas spirit is nonexistent

    1. ComedyMusicHistory


      I'm so sorry. I'll be praying for her and that she'll get out soon!

    2. Wesker


      My Dad just got out of the hospital, so I know how you feel.

  7. public schooler be like "CHRISTMAS BREAK"......homeschooler be like"....ONE DAY OF NOOOO SCHOOOLLL, i might do it any way"

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    2. T.O.W.R.
    3. Buoyancy


      College sophomore be like... MAN, I STILL HAVE TO GO TO WORK. D8<

    4. C. Ingram

      C. Ingram

      Holier-then-thou college student be like 3 weeks of freedom and I'm going to write and read more than I did when I had to...

  8. Jennyson

    First kisses.....

    *laughs till it starts to hurt* i am sooooooo going to show my mom/youth pastor...man.....thats really hard to look at...
  9. Jennyson


    ohh.....last year i had a chose to go to uganda or cameroon....i chose cameroon because we were going to work with orphans.
  10. Jennyson

    Ctf Official Dating Debate

    Cyber high five! I'm 16 and have no... What's the word....need?to date...courting on the other hand.... I'm fine with just being friends till I'm married...but that's coming from a homeschooled 16yearold... And wow....this is from 2004.....
  11. Jennyson


    Sweet!!! Thank you
  12. Jennyson

    Kissing- should it wait for marriage?

    .. I am also 16....but every thing anyone's (mainly my mom) is that kissing should be treated like sex... with caution. And ya...she doesn't know but I have had my first kiss....SSSSSHHHHHHH * puts finger to lips* don't tell her...and i can see where she's coming from... I guess. A lot of couples I know always say "it starts with a kiss" but really? I think as a Christian... It depends on the couple... If you 13...no, but if you have dated the guy for a while..it's up to them
  13. Jennyson


    Ummmm interests.....I want to be a ANP (advanced nurse practitioner) and am planing on ,after college,going overseas to Africa with Doctors Without Borders and helping the orphans there....I manly want to go back to Cameroon , I have been there before giving shoes to orphans and I am planing on going back this summer.. Hobbies..... We'll I play the guitar, hunt, and drive ATVS ALOT...as far as the combination on my luggage.....I think I'll keep that for now
  14. i have to cyberly give high five...telling anyone your problems...its hard...and your right....its not just a guy problem
  15. Jennyson

    Where will you go when you die?

    heaven...not that im worthy of it...but he said i would!