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  1. lauralei

    I'm back again

    Hello a month late
  2. lauralei

    Controversial topic - a practice in nonjudgmentalism

    "Marijuana is complicated. It can increase appetite and curb nausea. There is some evidence that it can provide chronic pain relief. The downsides to marijuana are that it impairs lung function, can increase anxiety and depression, and induce psychosis. It also is constipating and is associated with deleterious cognitive effects." - http://blog.ercast.org/chronic-pain/ Marijuana is currently a Schedule I drug. "Schedule I drugs, substances, or chemicals are defined as drugs with no currently accepted (emphasis mine) medical use and a high potential for abuse." - https://www.dea.gov/druginfo/ds.shtml I think that marijuna is a drug with legitimate medical benefits, as well as significant side effects. Its classification as a Schedule I drug seems to be more about lack of evidence concerning either its safety or danger. I personally oppose recreational use, but am leaning toward decriminalization. I support appropriate medical use, appropriate being the key word. Opiods are analogous in that they have definite medical indications, but a high potential for abuse, so careful management is very necessary.
  3. lauralei

    God, hell, and despair.

    For the sake of discussion, say that I eventually come to the viewpoint that hell is unavoidable and right. Maybe that's just the reality that we have to live with. How do I ever not be sad again? The Bible seems to imply that most people will end up in hell. Family members of mine might end up in hell. Compared to that future, life is a cruel joke.
  4. By "Biblical" I mean the issues directly pertain to certain verses and passages. By "theological" I mean that they mostly pertain to points of doctrine deriving from Scripture, but not so directly to specific texts. The theological sticking point I have with annihilationism involves the universality and ontological dimension of the atonement. Specifically, I think Christ's union with all men through His Incarnation combined with His resurrection make it impossible for any...

  5. Out of curiosity, in what sense are you using the terms "Biblical" and "theological" as separate categories? And what is the one theological sticking point that you have with annihilationism?

  6. lauralei

    God, hell, and despair.

    One thing that makes me choke on the concept of hell is that once you're there, that's it, you're eternally damned. If one of my patients ran away and then changed their mind and requested help, there is no way that I would say, "Nope! You had your chance." (If they actually bit me, there would be law enforcement involvement, but they would still receive medical care). The only way that I would cease being prepared to provide care would be if the patient was beyond hope of resuscitation. I suppose that one could say that eventually people just are irredeemable, but I do not see that as an obvious conclusion with the traditional view of hell.
  7. lauralei

    God, hell, and despair.

    This is not at all meant to be a debate. This is a very personal question and I'm kind of hurting right now, so please nobody take this as occasion for a friggin' argument. I am hardwired to protect. I was one of the older children of an abusive father, with three younger sibs. I am used to protecting people and, in fact, have made a career out of trying to keep everyone safe. I take other people's pain, danger, and destruction very much to heart. I used to think that God was evil. A few years back, I started trusting him and trying to serve him. However, I've never quite been able to settle the thought that I can't deal with hell. If some people end up in hopeless, unimaginable, unabated, unending torment... I can't. I've been suicidal a few times and can imagine very well what it means to desire cessation of pain more than continued existence. I can't worship God if he's OK with that being the fate of any creature. For whatever reason, that particular issue has not left my mind recently. I'm just not able to keep it buried in the back of my mind anymore. For the past week especially, I've been on a study binge trying to understand hell and reconcile it with worship of God. I haven't been able to so far. (Kind of as a side note, annihilationism has started to make more sense as I've listened to and read various thoughts on the subject. Not quite to believing it yet). How do my fellow CTFers who believe in hell reconcile that incredible horror with both their worship of God and ever getting a good night's sleep?
  8. lauralei

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    At a youth camp, hiding from the youth for a couple hours.
  9. Do your local EMS a favor: wear your seatbelt. Ambulance calls are no fun if not everyone is alive when we get there.

  10. Having trouble eating, sleeping, being active, talking to people, studying... At least I'm still showering regularily. :P

    1. DallasCaleb


      aww hang in there! Ill pray for ya! :)

  11. I've been in a sort of spiritual freefall, so to speak, for a few weeks. In consequence of this, I've become especially susceptible to the siren songs of isolation and self-harm.

  12. I tend to be wary with quotes, especially over-the-top ones.

  13. I investigated the quote, and I think you were right.