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  1. Hello my name is Dany and im brand new to this website. The reason i joined is because I need more oopiniond about this topic. I am a christian and i need fellow christians to help me. A few months ago my sister and i got into a huge fight about her leaving her stuff in my room. We began to slam doors and eventually i locked her out so she couldnt get into my room. My dad came out to yell at us, and said this(im taking the profanity out of it) "Stop slamming the doors! Does it even make sense to lock her out when shes trying to get her stuff out of her room like you originally wanted to?!" Out of my mouth i said yes but i totally meant to say no!! At the moment i was just scared that my dad was really.yelling at me like he was. When i blurted out "yes, wait no! I meant to say no!" My dad gave me a glare and he came up so close to me starring at me in the eye and said in a low voice, "Do i need to lay my hand on you to get some respect?" He has never said anything like this to.me before. I nodded "no" and he waited three seconds and left the room. I was so scared i ran into my room and started crying. My sister wasnt in the same room when it happened so i told her. I also told my boyfriend whom ive been with for almost a year now, and i really trust him, and he said to tell my mom. But i didnt. I just ignored it all. Last week i confessed to my parents that i failed a class and that i lied to thsm covering it up and telling them that it was a better grade than it was. My mom fell into tears because i tell her everything, so not telling her this really hurt her. I feel horrible about it. My dad hates lying. He hates it so much, so confessing was really scary when i went into it. My dad then said, "Dany i want to slap you in the face so hard right now because you lied to me." He told me that he had a nightmare where i stole from my uncle and got pregnant and that he forced himslef to wake up because in his dream he was holding me up against the wall choking me. He then told me if my boyfruend were to ever come to the house without permission, he said he would "kick his a*$" and beat his dads head with a flashlight. He said that he should probably take medication but he doesnt believe in it. Before any of this happened my new puppy a few months ago tore up my parents room. She ate my moms glasses, shredded three pares of shoes, and tore up the tv remote. My dad got home early and he told my mom that he beated my dog. She told my that he beat her with a shoe and slammed her face up against the dresser numerous times. Im scared that something is gonna happen to me, my mom or my sister. He regreted that he hurt my dog but he still got very violent with her. Im scared. My boyfriend told me to get more opinions on this, he believes i should tell my mom about how scared i am, and convince him into getting help but i know he wont. My dad can be a great dad and he tells me he loves us, but he can be scary. i just need answers on a few questions i have. Am i being threatened of abuse? What do i do? none of my friends have been in a situation like this, im vhanging churches so i just need someone to give me their opinion. Im sorry this is really long!!! Please pray for me and please help me answer those questions