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  1. http://goo.gl/s6dzdx

  2. I suppose I experience God in many different ways. I'm not good at praying, but it is a good sense of bonding with God. I experience God often in nature, and in loving others.
  3. Heart of darkness- Joseph Conrad
  4. That's where I want to be, living in Beverly hills.
  5. It's not bad, but perhaps not wise depending on each person. Knowing myself, I stay away from horror movies because they freak me out. But it's not bad to watch them.
  6. Territorial Pissings - Nirvana
  7. Okay....
  8. Both of you are beautiful people.
  9. Because of their different ideas about morality, and how the other person should operate inside their ideas about morality.
  10. Just finished Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy.
  11. Concrete Jungle - Bob Marley
  12. Well Racism was originally the belief that people of certain colours could be grouped together by specific abilities according to said colour. It is now more appropriate to say racism is believing that because of a race, a certain person is defined by that. I wouldn't label it a double slandered. I think it it's fair that a white person shouldn't say the N word for example.
  13. You should do it because from what you said you were previously very zealous about it Don't let your current feelings affect you, take some time to cool off and really think it through.
  14. Stir it up - Bob Marley
  15. I'm not exactly sure how to answer the problem of evil that you bring up. I think that perhaps evil may be necessary because: A. It allows humans to make Moral/Immoral decisions B. It allows for greater moral development Evil may also exist because humans may have free will. I would like to think that to some extent we do have free will, and that this also allows us to make good and bad decisions Part two, I think Wesker did quite well at answering your question about Original sin. It's a hard/interesting topic. I have to agree, it makes a significant difference if you read Genesis as a literal story of creation. For the last part, I am unsure about how to answer that. I think it's a very good question though.