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  1. It's been a really long time, feels good to be back :)

  2. Mfundo_07

    In search for friends.

    I'm interested . . message me anytime.
  3. landed up in hospital yesterday..

    1. Kite


      I hope you're okay.

    2. Mfundo_07


      I'm good now :)

  4. Mfundo_07

    My Testimony

    Awesome testimony. It's just so awesome how God saves us, using different circumstances. Hope you keep growing in God
  5. Dust on your Bible will lead to dirt in your life.

    1. Kite


      1st reply...so true

    2. C. Ingram

      C. Ingram

      Dust on your mind will lead to dust on your Bible.

    3. Mfundo_07


      lol also true

  6. Greater things have yet to come & greater things are still to be done in this city.

  7. You took me from the wayside Called me Your own Throwing me a lifeline You carried me home

  8. Mfundo_07

    Christian Stereotypes..

    Could you please explain the voting republican part, being from South Africa I'm not familiar with this .
  9. You are loving, You are wise There is nothing in my life You cannot revive You are loving, You are wise There is nothing too hard for our God - Elevation Worship (nothing is wasted)

  10. Mfundo_07

    Christian Stereotypes..

    What are some stereotypes that you know that have been put on Christians? and do you think they may be true looking at the Christian community around you and what can be done about them? (if there is some truth to it)
  11. Mfundo_07

    Church Camp

    I've been to two Church camps (going to another this year) called Easter Fest, it happens over the Easter holidays, hence the name. It lasts for four days. There is always a theme for the camp & this year's theme is the "The Stand - Anchored" so it will be focused on making God the anchor of your life. I personally enjoy it very much..last year I went as a leader and it was just awesome to see other kids encounter God in a whole new way.
  12. Dust on your Bible will lead to dirt in your life.

  13. Mfundo_07

    Better late than never :)

    Thank you everyone for the warm welcome.
  14. Mfundo_07

    Better late than never :)

    I belong to Edge Church
  15. Hey Everyone I'm Mfundo, 20 years old from Cape Town, South Africa. I joined this forum like two weeks ago so I'd just like to officially introduce myself. I'm a sport lover (Football & Cricket fanatic), love reading and involved in youth ministry in our local church. I absolutely love God and have a heart for helping others. Really like this forum and looking forward to meet a lot of people as I spend time here.