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  1. Crow Of Light

    I Think It's "Fooby"...

    i think everything is fooby nowadays
  2. Crow Of Light

    I Think It's "Fooby"...

    i think it is fooby that this thread is only on page 41
  3. Witchcraft is addictive. Don't do it. It puts your faith into entities other than GOD and you believe you can do anything, even perform miracles. And while you may use your new power for good, rest assured you are drawing from a force of evil that is trying to get you to turn your back on GOD. And the worst part is it works.

  4. Crow Of Light

    3 Word Story

    miniature tortoise ninjas
  5. Crow Of Light

    I Think It's "Fooby"...

    i think you do know what fooby means
  6. Crow Of Light

    I Think It's "Fooby"...

    i think it's fooby that this died again immediately
  7. Crow Of Light

    July 2015 Update

    oh wow, never thought i'd see the day that Zabby retires
  8. Crow Of Light

    Answer a question with a question....

    isn't the meaning of life 42?
  9. Crow Of Light

    3 Word Story

    wearing leather armor
  10. hey anyone remember digimon?

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    2. Crow Of Light
    3. T.O.W.R.


      Digimon was my life when I was about 13. Mainly because Digimon Adventure was what my daydreams were while Digimon Tamers was what my nightmares were.

    4. Crow Of Light

      Crow Of Light

      well then. maybe you can give me input. which is a better tittle: Digital Dark or Dark Digital

  11. Crow Of Light

    3 Word Story

    a large deck
  12. Crow Of Light

    3 Word Story

    and everyone facepalmed.
  13. Crow Of Light

    Hit the keyboard then hit "Submit Reply"

  14. Crow Of Light

    3 Word Story

    completely wrong dress