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  1. Sometimes, I feel like such a failure in my Christian walk. I mean ... I see other people and I think "wow, that person's so smart," or wow she's so talented/athletic/pretty/brave" and/or all the other things I'm not and it just makes me feel so inferior .... I know my identity in Christ and I'm so happy that He's all I've got because I have everything I need but sometimes I just feel like I'm disappointing the Lord because I'm a Christian and I'm supposed to be great and do great things for Jesus but I'm not and I feel like I can't because this is all I'm ever good enough for. Take for example this situation: I have this classmate and he's at the top of our class and he's so smart and he puts all his efforts into his studies and at that time, he wasn't a Christian yet and I used to think ... oh well all his efforts are in vain because they're not directed towards Jesus ... and then a couple months later, he met Jesus and really started to live his life for Him, all his efforts in his academics are now for Jesus and I feel sooooo small like ... what can I do for You, Lord? I'm not as smart as him, not as talented or athletic or whatever as other people and I feel like such a failure. I do everything I do now the best that I can for Jesus but they don't really amount to anything much. I really want to be great for the Lord so that I can glorify Him as much as I can but I feel like I don't have what it takes to do it because I'm nothing. Please help
  2. Godismy#1

    Worrying :(

    Thanks! I actually do plan my days ahead but it's so hard to stick to it T____T It's like cleaning my room (which is sooo not appealing for me) seems like a better tand more enjoyable thing to do than study I'm going to try to get rid of all the social media when I study xD
  3. Godismy#1

    Worrying :(

    It's so hard to be motivated to study especially for a subject you don't love all too much and It's nice to know I'm not the only one struggling with studying haha thanks for the advice!
  4. Godismy#1

    Worrying :(

    Hi! I'm a first year Chemical Engineering student and in my school, we're currently having our Midterm exams ... I'm a good student and I get nice grades (no boasting intended) but there are certain subjects(math, in particular) that I, (and all my other classmates too) find hard. My prelim grade on a certain subject I found really hard was a miracle from the Lord. I passed the subject even though I really thought I was going to fail. But now, I'm kinda worried because we just took an exam on that subject recently and I found it really hard. Here's the thing ... I have faith in The Lord. I know He will make everything alright and most of all, I know that He's going to help me pass the subject again ... In fact, I actually have no doubt at all that I'm going to pass the subject in the Finals because I know He will push through. But I just can't help feeling anxious ... no matter how many times I tell myself not to worry, to give everything up to the Lord because He is bigger than any of my exams, bigger than anything in the world, I still feel worried and heavy. I think this is because of guilt. See ... I don't really have the best study habits in the world. I feel really guilty because I have awful study habits but God still blesses me with nice grades on most of my subjects and I'm worried that he'll stop giving me good grades because I rely too much on Him. In between studying, I constantly check Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and all that and I have this nasty habit of cramming! T__T I only study the night before the test because I also have a lot to do the days before the exam and honestly, this usually works for me. I just can't help feeling guilty because I don't think I did everything that I could although to be honest, the many study breaks for social media helped a lot in keeping me awake. But I just feel like it was wrong/I didn't do my best(?) What should I do to get rid of this awful, heavy feeling? T___T