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    I like to workout, not alone. I like to read stuff that interest me. I lovethe Lord. I need Jesus daily. I like making new friends because I really like diversity and unity. I have a lot of patience with people mostly with children. I am unsure of my future but day by day I will do my best to walk with Christ :)

    Just going to add a bit to this since I've change over the past few months. I still like to workout. I like to read articles. I still enjoy working with kids. I still live day by day with Christ. My mottos are to stay on that imago Dei, Coram Deo and Carpe Diem. I like to write God inspired sermons. I am not the better than you, we are all children of God. Let's chat! :D
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    Home or helping out at church. I practically live at church, haha.
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    A bit of philosophy
    I'm a little chunky but I look fit and like to workout
    Meeting new people
    Hearing some good preachings
    Writing sermons
    Doing God's will
    Having fun
    Getting a good laugh
    Making people laugh
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    Recently Graduated and Looking For A Job!
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    Assembly of God
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    Mr.Bentastic or BENevolent or Gentleben or BenJAMMIN
  1. Hey guys, keep you updated! :) I am looking into bible colleges/institutes and need a lot of prayer. I also applied to a chikfila to be the cow and instead was asked what hours I am willing to work and I wasnt asked about being the cow. Out of 13 people, I was one of the three left after the interviews, Thank God! I had a second interview, told them what hours I can do, and they said they'd call me. I really hope they do and I am still praying.

  2. I have an official job, now. It is very sedentary and I dislike it! I wish I'd get a body movement required job :P I'm only doing this for the money and whatever God has in store for anyone who comes in.

  3. I'm a bit of a poet haha

  4. Its not that I want you again I just want to be friends No other tyope of relationship It didn't work out once or twice You always played me by getting me jealous of other guys When in reality it was just all a lie Come to think of it We were both in disguise We flirted endlessly into the blue skies Yet it was all imaginary Reaching for the rainbow it wasn't tangible All in all unnecessary Cuz there's no pot of gold Where you and I were headed, baby

    1. Jammin22


      I forgot to add the backslashes that signify a line

  5. When I feel bliss, I think of this... God and you in the midst.

  6. Looking back at my old messages and posts, I sounded thirsty, haha! Thank God I was delivered from that :P

  7. Jammin22

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Most Mark Wahlberg movies, such as: 2 Guns and Pain & Gain (one of my favorites) I also saw the way way back.
  8. I just found out that You won't relent by Jesus Culture quotes Song of Solomon 8:6-7! what a beautiful way to start the day! :)

    1. GodslilGirl


      True True! (^.^)

  9. Jammin22

    Favorite Bible Verse

    2 Corinthians 13:12 Greet one another with a holy kiss. And Psalms 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
  10. What are warning points? and Any breaking Bad fans?!?!?

  11. Just to keep people updated... the Fine Arts competition went well. I tried out short sermon and I got first place! :D Glory to God!

  12. wow... I can't believe I spoke like that a couple of months ago, haha! I've changed a lot.

  13. If this world was spoken to existence, then I know these words gotta have significance! - Andy Mineo

  14. Glory to God! I am getting better at speaking my sermons out loud at church rather than alone in my room!

  15. In the middle of the night just thinking... of the complexity of life without Jesus.