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    I'm Carolyn. I have been in a Baptist Church my whole life. I have two sisters, who are annoying, middle child here! Lol :)
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    Arkadelphia, Arkansas
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    Jesus!, Family, Friends, Horses, Reading, Writing, SCIENCE, and Music
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    I have school, thats a job, right?
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  1. Carolyn.M.Smith

    Salvation prayers.

    Okay I dont have any names, but I do have a large group. I will be going to Family camp in a few weeks and I pray that we will have as big a group if not bigger than last years saved, (I think last years count was officially at 52 and there was around 500-600 people there) So I just wanted prayers about that week hopefully reaching many of people
  2. Okay, so I dissapeered for a while, but now I'm back and I just wanted to voice how I had an amazing time at Teen camp a few weeks ago and how we had two from our group saved! There was a total of I believe 31 saved and 9 surrendered to the ministry!! (can I get an Amen??) and how I will be going to Family camp in a few weeks I cant wait!!! I would also like to ask for prayers about family camp hoping that many more will be saved!!!!

    1. Cary


      Sounds like a great camp to me! Any camp with changed lives is awesome! Hopefully the life change will continue at your next camp!

  3. Carolyn.M.Smith

    K-Love 30 day challenge

    So I'm thinking of doing the K-Love 30 day challenge. You know, the one where you only listen to Christian music for 30 days. Yeah that one. Haha so I was wondering If maybe anyone on here wanted to do it with me. You know we could like update each other on what songs that we listened to were our favorite that day or week or whatever and if only listening to it was making a difference in our lives.
  4. Oh My! I am so happy! I just found out that one of our kids at church excepted jesus and is joining the church! Right after another one was just baptised. Its been one person after the other. But this specific one I have been talking to for a while but of course the sunday she walks down the isle and says she wants to join I was helping in Childrens Chapel.

  5. Can't wait till tomorrow night!!!! Our Youth group is starting a share Jesus without fear study and I'm really pumped for it. :)

  6. Carolyn.M.Smith

    Sharing Jesus

    So I felt the need to share this, at church camp there was this little boy and he's was only about 7 years old. He went up to one of my friends and started talking to her the conversation went like this... He said hi I'm max what's your name. She said micalah. Then he just straight up asked. Are you saved? I was like wow I wish I could do that. We always look for an opening or opportunity to ask someone if there saved or to tell them about Jesus. But the truth is there is no opening we have to make one. Then just yesterday my younger sister and I were walking and we went to sonic and a guy came up to us and said hi and everything then invited us to his church and handed us a card. He then just started talking to us we informed him that we went to a church not far from their. I know now that I want and will start to do that because if I keep waiting for an opening I will never find one be cause I have to make it.
  7. So today in Church during class we talked about the holy spirit. And this one really made a touchdown with me. Our teacher who really is more of a friend than a teacher to us, explained how we have the holy spirit in us and because of that, we are to think and act as the holy spirit. I really loved this and can't wait untill our next class

  8. Howdy! :D Thanks for the friend request! How are you?

    1. Carolyn.M.Smith


      Hiyas, Welcome. I'm good, how're you?

    2. Silently95


      I'm good too, thanks! What's up?

  9. Went to AYC (Arkansas Youth Conference) Friday and Saturday. It was amazing very uplifting, motivational, eye-opening moving time. Worshiping God with around 5,000 teens and young adults, along with youth pastors of course. Also got to meet the band The Museum as well as Jared Hall the illusionist and then Real Encouter the Christian BMX riding group. All in all I had an amazing time and can't wait until next year!

    1. Kite


      nice...you've been off-line for a while.

    2. Carolyn.M.Smith


      Yeah I have. Been very busy was getting ready for state tests :)

  10. Carolyn.M.Smith

    AYC! (Arkansas Youth Conference)

    I'm in Arkansas. Went to AYC this weekend. IT WAS AWESOME!!
  11. Carolyn.M.Smith

    Hi!!! New Here. Introduce yourselves

    Hi Jackie Yay we can be new together LOL
  12. Chatting with some cool people, and getting ready for church, I'm loving this site already! :)

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    2. Carolyn.M.Smith


      Yes you are. :D

      Wait no, you're one of the awesome people :P

    3. Kite


      I'm glad you noticed I'm cool :P

    4. Carolyn.M.Smith
  13. Carolyn.M.Smith

    Hi!!! New Here. Introduce yourselves

    Heya, I like any just about any book
  14. Carolyn.M.Smith

    Hi!!! New Here. Introduce yourselves

    Haha I love to dance, was in a Dance group for a while, then everything kinda got out of hand. If you know what I mean.
  15. Carolyn.M.Smith

    Hi!!! New Here. Introduce yourselves

    Haha, Hiyas Will. Well favorite color is puple lol. Hobbies hmmm hanging out with friends and reading/writing. Sports, easy, volleyball, basketball,and track, dont know if Dance is a sport to you but it is to me. Mainly country, and Christian Contemporary.