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    Life is tough, I learned that in the 1st Grade. Throughout 1st-8th Grade I was mostly outcasted by peers, It wasn't until 9th grade I was actually in a big group. I came to God in the 7th grade partially by the outcast and with some other things...Now I am a Nerd of high intelligence, I have trouble relating to other people and I am very blunt and rude because I just don't know what to say. I don't mind though, I try to reconcile with people that I say the wrong thing to but it happens so freaking much.
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    WWII, Band, Theatre, Movies, Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, and Barbershop

    Christian Interests: Study of specific topics, Defense of the Faith, Psalms, and Hymns. Hymns tie into the Musical Side of me so well.
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  1. Alexander-the-Great


    I watched it, seemed pretty meh though was better than most Modern Disney animations. The problem is that I am in theatre AND THEY WONT STOP SINGING THE STUPID FREAKING SONGS. ADADG DGIPAHGAD GAPD!!! I hate this movie.
  2. Alexander-the-Great

    New Nerd in Town

    I have been in 3 Musicals "Charlie Brown" in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown!" - This was Freshman Year and it was such fun, it was my first Show in High School but it was very well pulled off. The guy that played Snoopy was half my height and we're still good friends "The Baker" in "Into the Woods" - Everyone got so freaking attached to this Musical, the set was beautiful and such. There was no true "Main Character" but "The Baker" and "The Baker's Wife" were the only original characters, despite their unoriginal names, as the story revolved around them. And finally, "Ewart Dunlop" in "The Music Man" - Technically, I sang the Baritone Line which belonged to Oliver, but Ewart had more lines and we originally had me singing the lead line since in "Sincere" Baritone sings lead, and the Lead singer just wasn't strong enough to sing Baritone in other songs. Rock Island is a fun song... "He's a Music Man! He's a what? He's a What??" I found it through Google...somehow Current Studies Rome: The Military History of Rome and Study of Roman Politics WW2: Aviation Accounts Psalms: Because I like Psalms
  3. Alexander-the-Great

    Happy I found this site and you Great People!

    Coolio my brotha I'm so white Welcome to the Forums then. and Remember: They're allllwaaaaays waaaaatching youuuuu. Oh yeah and this is the greatest emoticon ever
  4. Alexander-the-Great


    Makes sense, the time they tried to send a Transport to Dagobah was during the Truman Administration. But that was a long time ago...
  5. Alexander-the-Great

    Mystery Science Theater 3000!

    I watched the Legend of Boggy Creek II today. I live really close to where it was shot, actually. I feel ashamed.
  6. Dear Diary: Today I conquered another city in Persia...They never really stood a chance to Macedonia and her armies. I guess I'll just continue forging my empire....

  7. Alexander-the-Great

    World War 2: What if Hitler had not Invaded Russia

    Definitely However, I don't think he would have taken England because the Luftwaffe was led by one of the WORST military leaders in history. The Luftwaffe combined with the Kriegsmarine should have been able to overtake the RAF in the summers of 1940 and 1941, but bad leadership and poor targets (along with it being poorly optimized to fight the Air War). However, Hitler would have funneled a lot more forces to Africa, which I believe Rommel and his military ability would have overtaken Egypt (though his sense of Logistics was...poor). The US Entrance to the War might have made a difference but it would have been MUCH MUCH harder to overtake Germany Since Germany has thrown must of its resources into attacking the USSR, They will be able to station many of their forces in France Basically, it would be a war of attrition with much more bitter fighting. The USSR would have never entered WWII because Stalin held to the Non-Agression Pact he made with Hitler. If they were to Enter the war, it would be MUCH MUCH Later since Stalin was paranoid of Hitler and such. However, Stalin would have attacked much later.
  8. Alexander-the-Great


    LONG BUSRIDES MUST DIE BAND TRIP: 20 HOUR BUS-RIDE TO DISNEY WORLD being stuck in a bus with 50 kids, even if it's a nice bus, for 20 hours with few stops is seriously Hell on Earth. Ugh. Disney World was cool though, I was one of the people that quested to get pictures with all the characters
  9. Me and some of my history geek friends were discussing this the other day, Arguing how much, if any, the course of History and/Or WW2 would have been shaped if Hitler had decided to not Invade the USSR in the Spring of 1941. I want to hear if anyone else has opinions then i'll throw my hat in
  10. Day 178 of Not Marching - Lack of Marching Band begins to take toll, must have willpower for Summer

    1. T.O.W.R.


      Ha. Good one Will.

  11. Alexander-the-Great


  12. Alexander-the-Great

    Mafia - the gripping forum based RPG!

    Also to irritate, this is LESS like an RPG and MORE like a Forum Game. However the forum I was at last always classified it as an RPG. It's about negotiations with actual people being, well, themselves compared to being a made up character.
  13. Alexander-the-Great

    New Nerd in Town

    Never played it, it's an RPG isn't it? Not a big fan other than the Paper Mario style which I just love for some reason. The exception is Knights of the Old Republic I and II, but otherwise I'd prefer a good down-to-earth strategy game
  14. Alexander-the-Great

    New Nerd in Town

    I do believe my devotion to war boardgames quite outweighs dislike of D and D. For example, I have played a game of Kriegspiel. It was awesome. I almost won. I also have other devotions such as Star Wars not counting the frakked up new series....
  15. Alexander-the-Great

    Mystery Science Theater 3000!

    NOW INTRODUCING NEW "EXTRA BOOOOLD!!" "IT'S SO BOLD IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!!!!" That's the reference you referring to right? From the boring air force movie "Minute Six of the glorious refueling scene!"