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    I'm currently a US Army MP. If you need something I'm a open book. Carry on.
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    Fort Polk
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    Military Police
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    Southern Baptist
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  1. 31BravoArmyMP

    She's not above the influence.

    Proudly will.
  2. 31BravoArmyMP


    Basic training will give you alexithymia.
  3. 31BravoArmyMP


    I see females with pot too?
  4. 31BravoArmyMP

    What's your favorite christian song and why??

    Oceans Deep
  5. 31BravoArmyMP

    Learning a foreign language.

    Well immersion is the number one way. That is how I learned. Simply reviewing vocab cards is great, unlike what has been said don't go hard core. Your mind doesn't work that way. Little at a time, even use the words through out the day. People will ask you what that means... practice is key. Don't worry about the weird looks, that's you passing.
  6. 31BravoArmyMP

    Im New to The New CTF

    I was here years ago. One of the first 20 member's. Well I came back today, we will see how long. Carry on.