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    Nothing much.. Ask me sometime though it's quite interesting :lol:
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    I like swimming, soccer, mowing, and biking..
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  1. Sarvis didn't get in.. Now we wait.

  2. Duke

    Calling All Linux "Nerds"

    Yeah.. I use ubuntu sometimes.. It's the best in my opinion xD.. open source.. can't beat that.. Although I use windows mostly.. just because it's expensive to replace.. harder to install games.. but overall i like ubuntu more.
  3. Well I would say the listener season 1 episode 1 but that would make me a liar xD.. in fact the last show I watched was Everybody loves raymond
  4. Guys.. This month is breast cancer awareness month.. I suggest you all to support it as much as you can.

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    2. Duke


      Not really what I was saying.. Any cancer really.. It's to aware other people.. So that they get screened and don't die from it.

    3. Kite


      pink is an extremely gorgeous color, you should wear it more often.

    4. Lefebvre


      I've found that Ovarian cancer usually has better colours. Teal, if I recall correctly. I think women's cancer in general has purple...

  5. Duke

    Your Own Christian Movie

    Oh yeah Chuck Norris.... I would probably remake Back to the future.. And like people go back in time and see everything in "Biblical Times" so to speak..
  6. I have withdrawn a previous option.. There is no time frame in it now.. Just HOW it was created.
  7. Okay fine.. I didn't mean for this to turn into a debate.. Can someone tell me how to post the polls and I will? I didn't mean to offend anyone. What do I need to correct it?
  8. There I added that option.. I actually forgot about that one.. I actually just meant "evolution style" big bang, that God had nothing to do with it.
  9. So I thought this was an interesting topic to poll about just because a lot of people have different beliefs.. And also post WHY you believe what you believe (just optional)..
  10. My favorite song from the new Lecrae album Anomaly is probably Fear.. haha.. Btw I'm glad you guys mentioned him.. his songs are awesome..

  11. cool.. yeah the dedicated graphics are always better on a desktop.. And the gtx 660 is pretty good
  12. Windows 7.. Do you have an Asus ROG? ?? Most of those GPU Tweaks mean you have a dedicated graphics card.. So.. Is that an asus rog? Windows 8... You took that picture? o.O.. That's pretty good.. Anyway guys this is my desktop.. pretty lame..
  13. Idk if this is just me.. But when I go on this forums the whole top part is like half way blocked.. Maybe it's my computer idk but.. I can't go on anything on the top bars or my profile.

    1. Duke


      This has happened today only.

    2. Marley


      Cary is working on things. Hopefully it'll be fixed up soon.

    3. Duke


      kk thanks just making sure I wasn't the only one.. haha..

  14. Duke


    I've modded minecraft, command and conquer, other games... I haven't modded sims 3 though.. Every game is different but in ways they are the same.. You pretty much find the mod you want and put it in the file of the game.. probably in Computer>OS>Program files>EA games.. then go to sims 3 there might be a mod file in there put the mod in that folder and start the game and see if it works.. It probably won't because I really don't know anything about sims 3... just other EA games..Don't take my word for it.. just go on youtube you can find a lot of helpful information on there..
  15. I think I can finally play a song on the guitar.. it's called.. "How Great Thou Art"