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  1. I'm just going to publicly apologize to m' friends on here... I have been sooo busy with work, and life, and boyfriend! I haven't talked to you guys! #IAmABadFriend D:

    1. Allons-y99


      #Yesyouare XD

  2. MsAnonymous

    Movies so bad, they're good

    I came here JUST to put that movie in this thread! haha xD Alos, it's not a movie, but "Land of the Lost" tv series. I can't even explain how cheesy it is. It can't be exaggerated enough. Yet, we watched every single episode they have out...
  3. MsAnonymous

    Doctor Who is obsessive.

    Doctor Who Supernatural Psych Walking Dead ...I understand the addiction...
  4. MsAnonymous

    Should this be funny? Really?

    Hahahaha I know. I know. Meee toooo!!! <3
  5. I find this video highly (highly) amusing. Not sure if I should or not... but... his face... haha The face... https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152995877092906&fref=nf
  6. Blue and gold. It's definitely blue and gold.
  7. MsAnonymous

    Ask A Girl.

    As has been stated, everyone IS different. No matter what, be extra nice. If she seems like she wants a certain food, give it. She wants cuddle, you cuddle your heart out. She gets snappy, back the heck off, and respect that..cause she WILL remember you didn't leave her alone, even afterwards. I promise.
  8. CTF hashtags.... #HesAMan *shakes head*

  9. MsAnonymous

    Ask A Girl.

    Cologne is amazing. <3 AS LONG AS you aren't soaked in it, and it smells decent, of course. Just a whiff should do, I don't want to smell you for 15 minutes after you have walked away. >.>
  10. MsAnonymous

    Body Gossip

    Thanks for the tip. I tan essentially none at all (I mean, it's basically physically impossible...white skin+freckles= inability to tan, plain and simple), sooo...me and the sun dont' *always* get along that great.
  11. MsAnonymous

    What book are you reading now?

    Gone with the Wind! Second time. Has been a few years since my first reading.
  12. MsAnonymous

    Body Gossip

    Mine totally depends on my mood...and my moods do vary, sometimes rather quickly. Lol Sometimes I think I look fine, other times I am like "Blek... I am too skinny! I wish my eyes weren't hooded..are those bags under my eyes? Look at all the marks on my legs! Freckles...does anyone like freckles, even? Gosh, I am TOO white. It's blinding"... xD
  13. Why yes, I do, in fact, laugh realllyyyy, shamefully hard at Spongebob.