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    I'm a young girl who was so far off from the right path but through the grace of God and the warnings of a friend I now know and love Jesus, my Lord and savior. I am now a new person who no longer lives for herself, but for Christ and I love all people. May His peace be with you and your days be blessed
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    New York
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    Astronomy, music, visual arts, language
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    Seventh Day Adventist
  1. Driving in New Jersey at night is terrifying.

    1. Zhouburn


      You meant driving in Jersey at all is terrifying?

  2. Zyphra

    Mocked by Parents

    Thank you for your prayers. It means a lot. I usually just leave people alone in their beliefs but I will pray for them as well. It'd be a shame to have a family divided forever. True. I don't shove my beliefs down anyone's throat, but at times I get hints of condescension and irritation from my atheist friend at the slightest mention of a differing belief. Like afriendlyathiest said I pretty much just let them be
  3. In my household, my grandmother and I are the only christians. My mother also believes in God, but she's more of a deist. The problem here among many others that don't exactly help the relationship that I won't go into is that oftentimes she will ridicule and comment offensively regarding my faith. For example she'd say things like "I can't believe you fell for all this" or worse, "You want to know Jesus but I bet He doesn't even know you." This really bothers me and I've told her this to no avail but I'm usually able to brush it off and continue on Just yesterday however, I was with my dad and he wanted to order food that had ingredients I didn't agree with. I still don't eat what's considered unclean meats and when I told him this he just gave me that passive "pffft" and "oh please." Admittedly, that hurt a lot more than it would've with my mom since I'm used to it, but my dad has never really said anything on the subject. I know they don't do this to my grandmother for the sake of respect (and it's not like she's going to change her mind after all these years anyway) and I'd just like them to do the same for me. I respect their mindsets and beliefs, and I want ours to co-exist in the same household. How should I go about this?
  4. Zyphra

    Rate The Song v2.04

    6/10 I usually really like the songs you post, but this time the beginning didn't strike too much of a chord with me. I enjoyed it more as the song went on though I feel like vocaloid is often overlooked xD I listen to vocaloid and other J-metal as well, which sometimes is way better than American metal
  5. Zyphra

    Rate The Song v2.04

    The first in the whole thread, Vices Like Vipers As for the song above, 7/10. Fun song
  6. Zyphra

    Rate The Song v2.04

    9/10 One of my favorite songs ever xD
  7. Zyphra

    Rate The Song v2.04

    I loved the first song by the way. Song above I give a 6.5/10. Catchy
  8. Zyphra

    Rate The Awful Song Above

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZ2W9ABli9U&list=PLCD9991F281D99BAC&index=13 :/
  9. It's been a while. Hi guys

  10. When drawing I realize I have work to do and say to myself "After I finish this one part." Then 5 hours later I've finished the picture but haven't touched my work.

  11. *Pointless profile update just because it's been a while*

  12. Zyphra


    Been a clarinetist since the third grade.
  13. So my aunt is visiting from Arizona again and when her cat saw her leaving with her suitcases he hid from her and didn't wanna come out and say goodbye cause he knows that when she has suitcases she's gonna be gone for a long time and I just

  14. Zyphra

    What Are you Listening to VIII

    Twinge by Chevelle.
  15. The renewed feeling after a fulfilling prayer is simply wonderful.