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  1. FoamAddict

    Aliens [insert hand gesture]

    I do not believe intelegent life exists on other planets. This is mainly because in Genisis God only created intelegent life on Earth. If I was not a Christian however I likely would believe that there is other intelegent life out there somewhere. However I believe that the little green/grey/reptilian guys are actually demons.
  2. FoamAddict

    Ask A Guy

    Honesty and devotion to God are absolute requirements for me. Self motivation would be nice as well.
  3. FoamAddict


  4. FoamAddict

    16 and Never Been Kissed

    Don't let that you have never been kissed at 16 bother you ever. Kissing someone for me that I was not going to spend my life with was not that great looking back. Although at the time the relationship had great potential looking back now I wish I saved it for a engagement or similar. Sure kissing is not a big deal like sex but its still special to me. Sit back and enjoy being single while it lasts. Singleness is over very quickly and has its advantages.
  5. FoamAddict

    Ask A Guy

    I prefer sweet and innocent as well.
  6. FoamAddict


    Welcome! Shoot me a PM anytime.
  7. FoamAddict

    Lemme hear it people.

    I personally believe in gun rights. However that does not mean we have the right to act like a idiot with guns though. They are not toys and must be treated with great respect/care.
  8. FoamAddict

    Need to Pass These Exams!

    Well if you have failed you just get to do it again. Possibly this can be done over over summer as it would still be sort of fresh in your mind? Maybe you should get a tutor if you don't have one already? All you an do until you get your results is pray and hope for the best.
  9. FoamAddict

    Horrible experience

    I am disgusted at what you had to go through and will be praying for you.
  10. FoamAddict

    Newbie in need of a friend or two

    Welcome! Feel free to PM anytime.
  11. FoamAddict

    Hi guys! I'm new here!!

    Welcome Brittany. Enjoy your time here.
  12. FoamAddict

    Ask A Girl.

    Why does a girl that dumped you over a year ago and has a new guy and is happy continue to contact you? She starts to email me about every 2-3 months. After a 1-3 weeks of emails she drops off the face of the earth (which is completely fine with me as I don't really want to talk to her) even though I put effort in the conversation and the cycle starts again. I just got a new email this morning from her. >.<
  13. FoamAddict

    Christian Dating

    +1 IMO opinion you guys are a little young for a romantic relationship. I highly recommend the book "I kissed dating goodbye". As of right now I do not remember who wrote it. That book probably will change your entire perspective on dating.
  14. FoamAddict

    I'm new ...

    +1 Welcome to the forum Yasmeen. Although I would not recommend posting your full name online.