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    Please help support me

    No I did not get hacked, this is what I'm actually doing now.
  2. I am so excited to announce to everyone I am starting my own PartyLite business and I can not wait to show you what's new with PartyLite. I have some amazing specials to share with you over the next few days. https://www.facebook.com/events/642453709243994/?notif_t=plan_user_joined&notif_id=1468990426235152 To order, go to www.partylite.biz/mheizelman and put my name, in as host and click search. Click on my name when it pops up, then have fun shopping and check out our amazing guest specials for this month! Thank YOU so much for your support.
  3. So, I am going to be starting with Partylite tomorrow. My brother is borrowing me the money for a phone card so I can have it to contact people that I need to with Partylite. And well, most people like to text, not talk on the phone. Anyways, he said I can use the house phone for that. And he seems to think I won't even make $45 A month to do that Which is $180 in sales. He doesn't even think I'll make that a month to pay for my phone card. I am excited about this Partylite and I know it'll help us but he doesn't believe that I can make this work. Only because everyone he has seen tried it, it didn't work out with him, and he seems to think that with the place we live in, I wont get many parties, well, I can still sell online he said to just do that, I can't just do that because it depends on your party sales AND online sales! I just feel really discouraged right now I need some help.
  4. izzabella555

    Please help

    I just want to thank the ones who have been praying even though no one has responded saying they were except for Pm's. Well, my dad asked us to put a * on the prayer list under finacial for us, and for our church that means we need prayer really really badly. Well, we watched someones dog a month or so ago, we wouldn't accept money because it was a favor for a church friend, well they said they had something for our family, it was a thank you note. I stopped them while we were waiting for my dad to pick us up from church Wednesday night, and I told them I had their container and my dad was bringing it because I had forgotten it when I was heading to the church. And so then she took out a walmart giftcard and said "I'll just give it to you now if I don't I'll forget" and she wrote $50 on it! And as someone else was leaving the church they walked by me gave me an envelope and just walked off (We had said goodbye before) And then I opened it after they left, it was a $50 bill! It's not everything we needed, but it's what we needed at the time! God is so good! God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.
  5. izzabella555

    Please help

    We need some serious prayer right now. We have about $400 in bills due on the 15th, and we get only $150 on the 15th. And so we need about $250 in the next two days. We have an online shop, and we can get sales up until Wednesday and if we get any on Wednesday then it'll be available on Friday. I will keep this board updated if any of the amount needed changes. And my dad really really would like to sell these really cool dragon bookends. https://www.etsy.com/listing/449952820/dragon-bookends-bookends-wooden-dragon?ref=shop_home_active_1 Please pray that we make the amount in sales that we need! If anyone would like to purchase, they can see our shop here. Anything will be appreciated, even the $1.90 bookmarks we have. Every penny counts. Even prayers help! Prayers are the best and greatly appreciated! I really thank you all for your prayers! https://www.etsy.com/shop/PrairieLoops?ref=hdr_shop_menu Please, I do understand if no one wants to buy, but even prayers help! God will put it on peoples hearts to buy, even if their total strangers and not even anyone from here! Even prayer works and I know God will provide the money we need!
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    I'll be your friend
  7. izzabella555

    Freaking out, please help!

    That's what I was thinking, when my friend told me that he SAW us walking around, not heard. She read it with me still in the car and she said "Wait. he said he SAW us walking around" I'm like wait, he SAW us! That means he was looking around for me, saw me and was staring at me enough to realize it was me etc. And he has said plenty of things etc for me to make me think he likes me. But he has told me a few months ago, that he doesn't want to date a Christian girl just yet, because he is still used to worldy relationships. And, this was in the time frame that he believed I liked him. And if he didn't tell me he likes me, when he does, there has to be a reason, meaning he is probably waiting until he believes he could be a good Christian guy for me or something. So I'm just going to wait and see what God does with this. I just hope I can go back to normal with him and talk like normal.
  8. izzabella555

    Freaking out, please help!

    You really think he likes me? He hasn't told me, but I guess it's all so new to me, and In the new year I never thought this would happen, and I guess I'm just nervous to have it happen.
  9. izzabella555

    Freaking out, please help!

  10. Okay, for those of you who saw my thread. If not please read it here: http://www.christianteenforums.com/index.php?/topic/75525-i-dont-know-what-to-do/ Anyways, that guy, well I've been talking to him more, and I gave him my number because I said I wouldn't be using facebook much, to be honest I was just mad because he hasn't talked to me for a week, and we normally talk every day and we talk at church and he didn't even do that. But we started talking again on sunday, and then he said that he'd see me the next day which was yesterday for the church memorial day bbq. And so then I got there with my dad and sister, the guy was right there ready to help my dad take the grill off the truck. Which I was very thankful for (I didn't know he was going to do that) because my dad has a really bad back. And he also later helped him put it back in the truck, no other guy (There were a lot) helped him with putting it in the truck and taking it out. And so then he went back and sat on the pavilian wall thing, and I was just standing there and we didn't say hi or anything yet. And so, then my friend, sister and I decided to go walk to get some drinks, and suddenly I get a text while walking out of the pavilian so it was just a few feet from him. And he said "Well don't you look nice today... :)" He has never complimented me straight out before. So that was the first text he sent and I had to ask if it was him cuz I didn't save his number or anything because he didn't officially give it to me. So anyways we were texting then, and then a while later, the first things he actually says to me at the party, was why I was on my phone, I was giving it to my dad and my mom was on the phone. And so then time went by and we didn't talk, I sat down to eat a brownie, and then he sat down across from me, and he said now that he isn't chasing his kid around (That's just what he calls him) he can now socialize. His mother and sister were there to help watch him etc. And he watched him most of the time except for the about 15 minutes we sat and talked. And then after the party I thought he was leaving, and I said "Fine don't say bye" in a text (He has said this to me when I'm leaving church after we are talking I get up and he says this so I thought it'd be funny) I come around the corner after using the bathroom and a while has passed, I saw him and I said hi and then go straight to my friend and facepalmed. He thankfully didn't see the text right there, but we were going to walk around the park (We did this about 3 times) and we walked by his car and he was actually leaving and he said my name like 3 times to get my attention (I'm hard of hearing) and then my friend said bye and he just kept calling my name and in a way ignored her, he then said bye to me. (Because of the text lol he saw it right then) then I said bye and then he left. A while later we are still at the park and my sister, and two of her friends and my friend were all playing truth or dare. I wasn't in on it. I was texting the guy saying I don't want to play truth or dare because I know the question that'll be asked is who I like and I'm not answering it. He said, "Cuz it's me" and I asked "What makes you think that?" he said I unknowingly gave hints to it. And so I changed the subject and asked how his night has been going he said "Not bad, so am I right?" so I told him yes, and he said, "Told ya" and I said ok, and then he said he knew for over a month. Or he suspected anyways. And then my friend was dropping me off and she started messaging him. So he text me and said it was weird that she started messaging him. I told my friend that I wasn't going to ask if he liked me, because now that he knows I like him, it didn't matter to me if I knew or not. And so then my friend was talking to him and she was saying how we walked around the park. Keep in mind each time we did I told him, because I didn't tell my sister or dad so I asked him to tell them if they asked where I was. And then he said "I know I SAW!" he didn't do caps, but I mean, he SAW us walking around, he didn't HEAR from me telling him. He saw. Now I'm confused because I feel like I made the first move in a way, and now if he ends up liking me I won't know if it's Gods will or if it's happening because I made it happen, please help me, I don't know what to do now! My friend wants to ask him if he likes me, but I told her not to tell me. Because I don't want to know. I would rather he tell me.
  11. izzabella555

    Please pray

    Thank you for the prayers, We appreciate anything we can get weather it's prayers or sales.
  12. izzabella555

    Please pray

    Let me know if I can't post my link here. But I would like everyone to pray for sales for us. We get paid on the 4th, but we only have $14 for a weeks worth of groceries, please pray that we can get some sales so we can have more for groceries etc. We need more things than just groceries but that's the main thing. We have a family of 5 in the house, and it's hard to feed a family of 5 for a week on $14. Anways, if anyone is interested in praying please pray for my items to sell. Here is the link to my store, so you get a better idea what you're praying for. https://www.etsy.com/shop/PrairieLoops?ref=hdr_shop_menu If you would like to purchase, I have a 15% off coupon Use code :NEWSALE Get 20% off and use code: SPECIALSALE ETA- Any and all sales will help if interested in purchasing. If you want to buy $100 or more in an order, I will give you a 25% off coupon.
  13. izzabella555

    I don't know what else to do

    I have an online Etsy shop. I am not posting it here because I do not have permission to, but I want you guys to pray for me and my family. I currently have $75 in bills due on Friday and Monday. I need to get sales in the next 2 days in order to get the money onto my account to pay those bills. I am really frustrated and we are not making any sales. If you look at my shop, you'll see 2 sales today for the "Love never fails" board we sell. But that is because my mom decided to do an in person sale. We didn't actually get that money. Though I wish! But we sell inspirational Christian signs that have a bunch of really cool sayings. I really like them all, and I think their priced very nicely, although we aren't getting any sales. So please pray that we can get the money for this weekend. My parents know about the $15 bill on Friday. But my dad doesn't know about the $60 bill due on Monday I'm afraid to tell him because I don't want him to get mad about that big of a bill. If I may have permission I'd like to share my shop with you guys? Maybe just to look more at what you're praying to sell. Thank you for your prayers I appreciate them. If you see an oreo charm, I also have some charms I'm going to be listing, I can make anything out of Polymer clay, and I can make anything anyone wants. If someone would like something, I'd love to make a custom order! No matter what size it is! I'll even give you a discount!
  14. izzabella555

    I don't know what to do

    Yea that's what I'm having trouble with. We got to sit down and talk for like five minutes today. Although he had a kit he was watching and then he had to take him home. So I know if he has the kid with him (It's not his kid, it's a friends) than we wont get to talk much. He also brought up some things I haven't talked about for a few weeks, it's actually getting weird lol. But I know that he actually pays attention to our conversations, even if most of them are just on facebook. But I do think I'm putting off signs I like him, which I haven't admitted to anyone (Including myself) But I do think I'm starting to actually like him, and I mean some guys well, most guys can't tell "signs" and so, even if I put off that I like him, he probably won't notice lol. But either way, I do think I just need to get to know him a bit more. And I am not going to be dating, I'm going to be courting, so that's something I haven't brought up yet because I don't want to scare him off or anything. I think I might just bring it up as a random conversation, but I guess if he doesn't like it, it means that he wasn't the one for me. Because I don't want someone to do courting because that's what "I want" I want him to want the same thing. Edit to add- I was talking to him tonight, and I already know we have a few things in common . And with reading the bible and praying I have deicded when I am married, I will not be working. I will be staying home to take care of my husband and family. So a while ago I asked him to pray for me as I was looking at two job offers I had gotten and what God's will is for me. And he brought it up tonight when we talked, and I said after I got home and messaged him, my saying I want to stay home and be a keeper at home, I showed him verses and he at first said." those were different times... Women work now... back then they didn't, it's your choice listen to what God tells you." And so, I got mad at this statement but quickly decided against being mad and decided to explain my side with scripture. And he said "I agree but that's after you have a husband and family" And I asked what he agreed on to make it clear and not just assume. And he said he agreed on the women staying home and taking care of her husband and family. This is one of the main factors I wanted in a Husband. One that will agree and believe with me on this topic. And he isn't saying it because he wants to marry me, I know that because we haven't even discussed us as a couple or anything. And so, I was getting a little discouraged, all the guys (About 3) at my church around my age, their moms all work, and so I thought that they wouldn't think of the wife and mother staying home. They wouldn't understand why I had to etc. And well, I didn't rule these guys out, but I knew it'd be a difficult topic to maybe discuss. And I discussed it with this guy, and he totally agrees with me. I was shocked to be honest. Now I need to casually ask what he thinks of courtship. If he agrees with that, then that's just another thing we agree on etc. I mean, I'm trying to guard my heart here, and make sure I keep a watchful eye on everything he says and does, and tells me about his life etc. And see how he reacts to certain situations. He is currently trying to get out of a not so good situation at his house (He lives with a roommate) And he wants to move. I just found out yesterday he got a second Job. I'm not sure why he did, but I believe it could be to save up money to get a new house once he finds one. I have a few houses up for sale on my street, I've been a little hesitant to tell him about them, because I didn't want it to seem weird. But yea, I just wanted to share this with you, And I think it's going really good, we have known and talked with eachother for just about a month. the 13th (Only because I am good with remembering dates) is the date we started talking on facebook etc, and so it'll be a full month since I started talking to him. I know a lot a bout him so far, and I like what I know. And I'm trying to keep a watchful eye for things that don't add up or aren't good etc. So please pray that I am able to be keen into these things. (If there are any.)
  15. izzabella555

    I don't know what to do

    Thank you I appreciate it. But I wasn't saying the prayer to him specifically, or saying he should wear something specific. I just prayed the prayer, and I wasn't expecting it to happen, I was hoping it would, but sometimes I get confused on what to pray and what's considered "Testing God" Because I have prayed multiple times, for God to show me a sign if someone is the one for me. I have prayed before saying that, and if he is or isn't then show me a sign, the guy I had liked before, when praying that, that day the guy (Who normally looks at me at least once) never looked at me or anything that night. So I was sad thinking that he wasn't going to be the guy I am going to Marry, but I understand what you're saying, maybe it's just not the time. But I am so ready to get married, and I want to so badly, it's just I guess I'm a little sad that I haven't been even in a decent relationship to even consider marriage. My first (And only) boyfriend at 18, I thought I had loved him and he talked about getting married, of course I never really said anything about it just smiled after he said something about it. And he was saying after I turn 20, well we only dated 7 months. And it was when I knew him before, and I decided that 7 months (Based on all my friendships etc) is the time where people finally show their true colors. So I decided I'm going to get to know a guy for at least 7 months before I start to show interest in them. Well, that didn't work, but I don't want him to just, loose interest in me because of that, and I don't want to tell him about the 7 month thing because then he'd think that's too long or something idk, I think I'm overthinking all of this and just need to leave it to God.