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    My name is Jacob. Most people call me Ozzy or Wheels.
    Add me on Twitter: @Wheels_Ozzy_116
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    The Hoosier State (Indiana)
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    Video games, NASCAR, football (NFL and College), and radio anchoring. I watch the flash and arrow on the CW. I watch Agents of Shield and Agent Carter on ABC.
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    College Freshman
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    United Brethren
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    Jacob, Wheels, Ozzy (full legal name)

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  1. I'm calling it, CTF has died

    1. Buoyancy


      Bruh, this place is so dead, the vultures stopped circling and there's just a pile of dirt where it used to be. 

  2. Why is there not a report button for profiles?


    is Judas in hell?

    Is the sky blue? The answer to this question is the same as your question. I don't remember Judas asking for forgiveness except when he "repented" when he threw the money back at the High Priests and the Sanhedrin. So, no I don't think he was forgiven and will not be seen in heaven.
  4. I Think it works. I'm not a professional music writer but I like it. Thanks Delores
  5. You fill the hole in my soul burning coal turns into flame if it goes out I'm the one to blame Wow that's a little depressing, but it sounds good lol Hope that helps
  6. Just going to leave this here
  7. What's Up? Haven't been on here in a while!

  8. Aye! I remember you! How ya been?

  9. Why is it that when a white person is beat up by a couple black people there aren't any riots or protests but when something happens to a black.person there's an uproar?

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    2. Delores Stariana

      Delores Stariana

      I think it's because America has a double standard about racism. If you are not white or not full white therefore you automatically can get by with things whites can't without causing an uproar. Like for example what happened. Or, even with me, I'm not full white, I'm part Hispanic and I am "allowed" to get by with saying things that a full white person would get jumped on for being "racist" even if it truly isn't. Anything and everything a white says can be taken as racist using the American double standard. Blacks and non full whites can get by with whatever they want without causing nearly such an uproar as if a white had done it. That's just how I see it. It probably doesn't make any sense. But anyways, hopefully it made some.

    3. Delores Stariana

      Delores Stariana

      Also, just a note to make it clear: I am not racist at all and the things that I was "allowed" to get by with had to do with Hispanics in the first place. But I happened to say almost the exact same thing as another person and I didn't get jumped on because I was half Hispanic and he got jumped on because he wasn't. So I see that as a double standard.

    4. PlasmaHam


      @Delores Stariana agreed, there is major double standards.

      Even with Hispanics there are double standards. When a Hispanic guy does something controversial towards blacks or other non-white groups, like in the Trayvon Martin Case, he is suddenly called a white guy with Hispanic only being heritage. Yet for some reason when you want to keep Hispanics from illegally coming into this country, you are being racist because now Hispanic is a race. We are making such a big fuss out of giving certain groups entitlements that we don't seem to realize that those very actions are inspiring racism.

  10. I've heard the song and I like it but it's just a song! You will find your Thomas Rhett, your Romeo, your *insert any name here*. Just be patient, pray, and wait. He'll find you eventually!
  11.  There are so many new people that I don't know! PM ME People let me instill some wisdom on you!

    1. PlasmaHam


      I'm not really a new person, but we've never talked. So...hi!



      How's it going plasmaham? How does one get the name PlasmaHam?

    3. PlasmaHam


      I'm doing pretty well, thanks. PlasmaHam is just something I thought sounded cool for a username, so I use it. I'm sure there is some reason it was drawn to me, but I just like it.  



    Why can't I stop? I don't want to do it anymore! I don't want to seem fake! I want to be for real! Lord I pray for help with this. I pray for guidance in this matter. I need your help. Show me the way out! Amen.
  13. The Flash Season 3 premiere on Tues. was awesome!

  14. But they don't actually work...

  15. I like this new update!   :love: And we still have the emojis!