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    My name is Jacob. Most people call me Ozzy or Wheels.
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    Video games, NASCAR, football (NFL and College), and radio anchoring. I watch the flash and arrow on the CW. I watch Agents of Shield and Agent Carter on ABC.
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  1. Why is it that when a white person is beat up by a couple black people there aren't any riots or protests but when something happens to a black.person there's an uproar?

    1. Michi


      ikr! when a black person does something to a white person there are no riots but when someone does something to a black erson there are alot of riots. I believe that is is really unfair.

    2. CalwaOlor


      I'm just going to copy and paste one of my posts from another topic. I talk about white, cis, men, but it can be applied to white people in general, I think.

      It's true that in general, people don't care about disrespect against cis, white guys as much as they do about disrespect against minority groups. But take a minute to consider why. Pretty much every minority group has dealt with a ton of persecution and has fought to reach where they are now. Cis, white men have it made. They rarely have to worry about being treated like an outcast because of how they look, being treated as less-than-human because of the way they act, or hated because of things they can't control. White men are living the dream that everyone else has been hoping for. Anyone who actually cares about humanity and wants a better world will agree that we have to get to a point where everyone is treated equally, where everyone gets the same privileges that straight white guys do. When someone insults a cis, white man, it's just a drop in the bucket compared to the hundreds of insults that members of minority groups have to deal with. People are working hard for a more equal world, and have more important things to work on then helping a privileged white boy when his feelings get hurt once. It might not be pretty for you, but that seems to be how the world works. I hope that makes sense and clears some things up for you.

    3. FOX545


      Because the world is corrupt, unjust, bias, prejudice, racist, and an all around mess due to sin. So we as Christians gotta work hard to be the opposite of that, and be fair, just, and loving towards all, despite race or class- just like Jesus.

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