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    My name is Cassandra,I'm 18 years old, and I have 8 sisters and 2 brothers, and my mom is expecting. :)
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    Taekwondo,Basketball,Crocheting,Drawing,Math,Reading,Supernatural,Doctor Who,Harry Potter, LOTR, Climbing trees
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    Non- Denominational
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  1. Hi

    Welcome, Jasmine! I'm Cassandra. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance.
  2. Me too. And I knowww... It seems like everyone just left, without giving this place a second thought. :/
  3. Welcome!
  4. Woot woot! I got like 37 hours at work this week, plus I worked 8 hours today at my sisters' workplace. I am looking forward to next Friday. :D

  5. Sooo... Anyone read any good books lately?

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    2. Allons-y99


      I am, but I haven't been on it in years. XD

      I do too. I have a ton of books. lol

    3. Delores Stariana

      Delores Stariana

      Lol, OK. I LOVE Goodreads! 

    4. Bladesinger


      I finished Angels & Demons about a week ago, which was riveting. Now I'm reading Memoirs of a Geisha which is really interesting. I'm also reading two side books slowly haha, and this week at camp I'm going to start on Mere Christianity...

  6. *Gets on everyday*

    *Nothing has changed day to day*

    This place is so dead now....

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    2. Yoda


      You could always make more posts :)

    3. JesusFreak91


      Seriously, though. It's been a few years since I've been on here (I'm now 26, so good reason), but I'm blown by the fact that I'm the only person currently logged in. That was, like, never a thing before.

    4. Allons-y99


      Dude, that was never a thing last year when I stayed active. It's so weird now.

  7. Oh, cool.
  8. Oh, cool! What's your major?
  9. Welcome back! It's nice to see some faces that were around when I was on. lol Visting Australia is a dream of mine, and I alllmmmost signed up for CNA courses. But I just started college for Physical Therapists Assistant instead of nursing.
  10. One of the girls at VBS tonight got saved. :D

    She looked at me while we were eating, and told me she wouldn't have got saved if it weren't for me, because she wouldn't have asked anyone else about how to be saved.....

    1. FOX545


      That's so great

    2. Allons-y99


      It brought tears to my eyes when she said that. 

  11. So what's up with y'all? Who's still on here?

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    2. Allons-y99


      Hi Yoda! What's up?

    3. Yoda


      I'm fine, should start going to bed now though :) 

    4. Allons-y99


      Okay, goodnight!

  12. Soo I am really back this time. I promise I will be able to talk more. I will now be able to check on here at least once a day. :) I've missed y'all.

  13. Woo! Been here two years now!