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    Everyone kills me, too, but I usually just go up on the building at C, on the map Oman.
  2. Allons-y99

    How far would you go physically before marriage?

    I probably won't go further than kissing on the cheek, or holding hands. You can see it from a guys point of view in the book "Dating with Integrity". I really liked that book, beacuse it didn't really say all things are forbidden, but you shouldn't really go into the stereotypically boyfriend-girlfriend relationship,but instead keep it more of a bestfriend relationship, so that way you get to see the real person, not just the romantic side. And then, if things aren't working out or anything, you won't be as much emotionally attached as if it was a bf-gf relationship.
  3. Allons-y99


    I've always thought it would be cool to play the Ukelele!
  4. Allons-y99

    Disciple <3

    I've not really heard much by them...
  5. Allons-y99

    "Happy" - The first 24 hour music video

    This song is EVERYWHERE latley, but at least it's not talking about bad stuff, like the other popular songs... lol
  6. Allons-y99

    Music for Youth

    Try TobyMac, Royal Tailor, or Britt Nicole. Maybe even some Third Day, or Skillet. There's also RED, too.
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    I play Battlefield Play4Free and Battlefield Heroes.
  8. Wow, it's already May 8th!

    1. goxfiles


      And tomorrow it'll be May 9th!!

    2. MsAnonymous


      And next year it will be May 8th again. O:

    3. Allons-y99


      Oh my fur and whiskers! Is THAT how it works??? I was wondering why it kept coming back to this date. It just seemed like every little while, it was May 8th again!

  9. Allons-y99


    Yes! I love them! Have you heard their "Wizard of Ahhs"?
  10. Allons-y99

    Are there any homeschooled teens?

    I'm homeschooled and have been all my life. Right now I'm a freshman.