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  1. On 10/21/2019 at 10:50 AM, Jesusismyticket said:

    this is such a thing. I remember when I went shopping for a dress because a guy invited me to a dance, and the inexpensive modest dresses were not near as pretty or well made as the inexpensive immodest dresses... I chose the less pretty dress but it makes me sad that to be modest you also can't apparently be stylish or colorful. I just do not feel comfortable wearing anything that goes above my knees 

    Saaaame. It sucks to always have to go for the "ugly" options because you're broke and modest. Lol

  2. On 11/13/2017 at 4:03 PM, Gmae said:

    I'm in agreement that, for the most part, a two piece shouldn't be warn. Although, I will say that I've seen some more modest options that I don't typically have issues with. 

    For my girls, I've tried to dress them modestly from the start so that they really don't have the temptation going forward. This keeps them thinking more about their personal happiness and progress rather than self-obsessing about their bodies. 

    Here are a few places I've bought swimsuits from in the past. They have some cute options for sure.





    I like some of these. I just really wish that most swimwear was more affordable. Trying to keep a budget but dress modestly is really difficult some times. 

  3. Welcome back! It's nice to see some faces that were around when I was on. lol

    Visting Australia is a dream of mine, and I alllmmmost signed up for CNA courses. But I just started college for Physical Therapists Assistant instead of nursing.

  4. I have gotten the stereotypical whistle, I've been told I'm, "Da** hot", been told, "I look magnificent on this fine evening" and many many more. Not to mention the guys you can just feel checking you out when you don't even look at them while you're walking past(which is most of the time creepy 30+ year olds, and I'm only 17).

  5. On 12/1/2016 at 10:20 PM, Boogles said:

    Those are so pretty and soft! :D

    Cat in a sweater. friend's oc:sweater_cat_by_freebird74-daa8239.jpg 

    OC: hey_look__a_person__wip_by_freebird74-d8

    Any Steven Universe fans out there? amethyst_by_freebird74-dajjncz.png

    I photography too: beach_walk_by_freebird74-d8vglbx.jpg

    Thanks! I love yours, too. :D