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  1. Torterra is the coolest :3 *pats my lv100 from Pearl on the head*

  2. Gentleman of Sinnoh

    Nintendo lovers(No haters plz) Here?

    Hi1 I'm Spencer and a huge nintendo fan! If there are any onthers of my species(Nintendo people) here then this is the place for you! I love al things nintendo -The legend of Zelda -Pokemon -Mario -Super Smash bros. -Metroid
  3. Gentleman of Sinnoh

    PS4 or XBox One?

    Neither #WiiU
  4. Gentleman of Sinnoh

    Sexual problems :(

    Ok hi. I'm a middle school guy have sexual problemsas you can tell(Hope i don't get banned because this is sexual related) But lately i have been struggleing with (I hate to say it) Porn and masterbation. I know very much it's wrong and quite a bad sin. But it seems no matter how hard i have tried in the past i keep failing. I came here looking for christion support because no one knows about. Till now. So i ask please pray for me and if there are any guys who have gone through the same thing and got through it. i would greatly like it to know you people have my back.