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    If GM had kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars with 1,000 MPG~ Bill Gates

    I'm considering acting
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    doctor who,harry potter,lotr,racing,flying,video games
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  1. Im Bisexual and a non denom and I live with my conservative family
  2. So I've been up to a lot of stuff. I went to Australia and fell in love with Sydney. I am currently applying to colleges and I turn 18 this fall as I go into my senior year. I'll be taking a CNA course my senior year and now work at panera
  3. *lurks quietly as he returns to CTF*
  4. Ahh so refreshing to be back on CTF. For now I am back. On other news I am taking drivers training and doing college prep

    1. Delores Stariana

      Delores Stariana

      Welcome back. And cool.

    2. Colts_Fanatic


      Drivers training? What's that? And welcome back (: 

  5. Hellenism for sure
  6. I've been doing college prep and deciding what career :| So far my dream job is working at Twitch 

  7. so this year I am trying to keep distractions away so I can perform better as this is my junior year and I am worried hay if I don't do well I can just forget college
  8. If I get a job I may try it out for a short period of time. Otherwise I'm sticking to good ol minecraft,ROBLOX, skyrim, and iRacing
  9. This new update is awesome! 

  10. I just wanna pop in and say that I hate al the candidates and that a very tall high voltage electrical fence would work a whole lot better
  11. Well I met my lovely BFF from Sydney this July and I'm seeing her again in March except I'm flying to Sydney. She's definitely the highlight of my summer <3
  12. You should buy a Hillary for prison shirt (InfoWars sells them)
  13. Yes. Justice is essential to peace in my viewpoint. As sad as it is, justice can stop war only in a violent way since no country would say "I'm gonna agree with you" without a fight. Look at Vietnam and the spread of communism. Look at Germany during world war 2. Justice is eventually brought but not without the aftermath of war.