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  1. Grace of Night

    Real-Life Superheroes OT

    Just jumping in quickly to say I'm not dead, my internet is essentially crawling along and then dying for a few hours. Hopefully it will be ship shape soon, *Violently kicks interweb*
  2. Grace of Night

    Le Mom-ster

    Well, I come from a family of well endowed women and I've never known anything but sympathy because my goodness is it a pain. I tend to alter my clothing, I'm a complete hourglass My waist is 12 inches smaller than my bust and my hips, and I know sure its supposed to be a desirable figure but none of those women who write those obnoxious columns have ever had to alter their clothing to make it fit without making you look like you are about to have a wardrobe malfunction. *rage* Apologies I was clothes shopping today, I'm sure you understand my pain. Women have breasts, and if you are unfortunate enough to have large breasts finding clothes the western world considers modest is a challenge. I think its ridiculous some people can obsess over them so much they are far too over sexualized in our society. I would be frank with your mother, I feel a lot of the time dressing modestly is about not intentionally drawing Sexual attention to yourself but as previously mentioned you could wear a sack that covers you entirely and I assure you someone would be sexually attracted to you. I struggle with the fact it always seems to be the woman's fault, personally I would be quite offended if I was a man because of the implication I was a crazed animal with no ability to control myself. *sigh* I digress. Sit her down and talk to her, start off with how her behavior is making feel and directly quote her if you can. Make sure you stick by this your feelings are not a topic for debate, the things shes saying and the way she is behaving is hurting your feelings. As a matter of interest my most curvaceous sister dressed in a way that I could only politely describe as Risque (She was 16 I was 9). I never had any desire to imitate. Explain to her you not only have a right to make your own decisions and that you are concerned about modesty but cannot help your shape and while you do try and dress to accommodate there is nothing you can do to disguise the fact you have breasts. Your probably mother wont be able to relate, its a hard to understand for someone who hasn't had to go from door to door in a clothes shop unable to find something that isn't revealing because of their shape why you cant dress like them . It is completely lost. I tend to buy things a couple sizes too big and then alter them as I'm a dab hand with a needle and thread but this is a tricky thing to pick up and isn't always successful and it is a lot of hassle. But she should be able to understand she is shaking your confidence and she is upsetting you and this alone should be enough to get her to lay off a little. You are beautiful and you should embrace it even though it is frustrating at times. You are the best judge of your own modesty and you should never feel ashamed of your shape no matter what it is. People will sometimes give you nasty looks however you dress and In my experience its jealousy because of their own insecurity more often than not.
  3. Grace of Night

    Real-Life Superheroes OT

    xD the best thing about Natalie is she would do it all with a completely impassive expression which would just add to the hilarity of it all. Add the Benny hill theme song and you would have a highly amusing situation. It gets to the point that her appearance is semi reoccurring and she merely gets a traditional weapon or half hearted kick thrown in her general direction. Her information is useful and she hardly ever attempts to murder anyone. I think she would make some people uncomfortable. The way Natalie works is her paranoia stems from a very real situation, she knows when shes being followed her assumptions about who that is are almost certainly wrong but shes legitimately terrified. She hears from one of her "Spirits" about Taryn (one of her network who had employed Taryn for technological help in the past) and decides she can't continue with this horrible feeling of being watched. She needs to know who is stalking her and more importantly how. Once she knows who it is she has every intention of dispatching their existence from this world. Her secret identity has that extra layer of mystery because of the way she operates shes almost urban legend. She's not a hero she's a force of nature and an omen of death for many and for others a saving grace. The fact she has killed people makes her identity incredibly important to her because she is under no delusions about what would happen if someone sought her out to avenge another. She needs to maintain that mythical aspect of her persona because the moment she stops being a legend and starts being a known serial killer she is in trouble. XD anyway, Here is my current head cannon: she approaches Myriad, they know each other Via her Spirit (informant) who gave Taryn a heads up that He had a friend who wanted to hire her for security purposes and briefly explained under Oracles direction who she was. Taryn does her research, Oracle is offering her a Lot of money and she hesitantly accepts. Everyone has to live somehow and some o that technological equipment is seriously expensive. Rather than making an appointment, She has a panic attack in which her paranoia consumes her and she spends 10 minutes losing whoever is tailing her and runs straight for Myriads Lab forces entry and needlessly decapitating her beautiful robotic creation, and sets off one of her defensive systems that is an arse to deactivate. By this point Oracle is a sobbing wreck and Taryn being a sweet as she is awkwardly offers her a coffee where she tries to make sense of what Oracle is saying and veeeeeery cautiously pats her shoulder. (Though she wouldn't say it the fact shes not only somewhat comforting and doesn't proceed to tell everyone who will listen Oracle had a Mental breakdown in her Lab earns her super respect points from Natalie) (Respect points earn you protection.) (I don't know how comfortable Taryn would be with Oracle decapitating someone for her) (Now I have this image of her spraying Natalie with a water bottle and her hissing at Taryn.) ("BAD ORACLE, BAD")
  4. Grace of Night

    Roll call

    Grace Dependable Pastries! Grey Blue I own Two bibles. Purple I'm a very fast reader and quite often lost in a day dream. T_T Im having problems with attachments
  5. Why, Hello Zabby. I was just cruising around CTF when I suddenly had a completely independent and spontaneous thought. You and Captain would make an awfully cute couple don't you think?

    1. Zabby


      She's recruiting people now? *rolls eyes* I am a female and happily CTF wed to Yves.

  6. Grace of Night

    Real-Life Superheroes OT

    XD Yeah, pretty much. Aaaaaaas for a Lair, I don't see Natalie being patiiicularly welcome there until she stops with the "Death is my Justice" Thing, she maaay show up there uninvited now and then to give the team tip offs. Perhaps that could be its original purpose, exchanging information and it kind of grew from there. As for Taryn, All I can see for her regarding Natalie to start with is her possibly tracking her down because she wants technological assistance because shes convinced someone is following her. XD Which would probably be an amusing interaction. ".....I need your help" *Somewhat awkwardly holds out decapitated robot*
  7. hi! we have pretty much the same name XD i'm graci :)

    1. Grace of Night

      Grace of Night

      Awwh, Cute! Nice to meetcha.

    2. teddiebean01
  8. Grace of Night

    Picture Post

  9. Hello lovley, Nice to meet you. ^^ I'm grace. I was totally snooping and I saw you mention homestuck??

    1. SketchyDrone


      Um, yeah. That was probably a while ago though. I'm not so into it now-a-days. Nice to meet you too :3

    2. Grace of Night

      Grace of Night

      XD yes it was. A pretty good voice acting groupgroup has been dubbing it so I was curious ^^, Mike talks about you a lot so its nice to meet you finally. You sound like a very interesting person ^^

    3. SketchyDrone


      D; haha thank you?

  10. Grace of Night

    Submission In Relationships

    Ooooh, Mike, this the missus? (Excuse the shameless derailing)
  11. Grace of Night

    Real-Life Superheroes OT

    XD sorry. I'm tired let me try again. I'd draw each character their own little avatar then under the direction of their creator I'd put them on a scale from Pure of heart to questionable Morals. We Could also do it with things like Wealth, Fame and strength both psychological and physical. Just for fun ^^ and we could update it throughout the story.
  12. Grace of Night

    Real-Life Superheroes OT

    XD I think Mayuma and Natalie would get along really well. Both seem like old paranoid souls. Also Natalie would totally be interested in crafting chain whips with nasty little barbed hooks on the edge of each link. Shes disturbing like that. Also I thought it would be cool to make some character graphs. As in a morality scale and maybe outgoing to introverted and maybe a couple over things. I'd just draw them as cute little avatars. Could be fun to change them as their stories progress.
  13. Grace of Night

    I really need to vent.

    They Dont believe they are killing a baby they think its a lump of unformed matter. Like a cyst or a tumor. These people Dont think they are killing a child and its important to keep that in mind. They aren't monsters. If you were to get into a debate you would come to a standstill because they believe life starts at birth and you believe it starts at conception. You would simply reach an impasse. My advice would be to get away from that site. It will upset you and continue to upset you. Though you may be able to report the ones trying to get an illegal abortion. Generally forums Dont permit discussion of illegal activity.
  14. Grace of Night

    Submission In Relationships

    Being with the person you love isn't the hard part of marriage my dear, if you honestly think marriage is all sunshine and raibows you aren't ready to get married.Marriage is worthwhile, but dificult choices and sacrifices have to be made. An unkind word in a moment of annoyance can cause suffering, a thoughtless selfish decision can cause discord. We are all human none of us are perfect. Love is easy but marriage is a partnership that takes time, effort and dedication. Also your using that meme wrong. you want either the popular opinion polarbear or the unpopular opinion puffin or maybe actual advice mallard......Dont judge me. (That one is for "Why Dont we take X and put it in Y")
  15. Grace of Night

    Submission In Relationships

    This is essentially my stance. Thank-you Jag. You always say such interesting and thought provoking things, I love seeing your perspective in debates. I like this, I agree marriage should be about growing and improving, and if one cant stand the heat one should get out of the proverbial kitchen. Marriage is hard. On the specific matter at hand of "Master" being used to address your Husband. Master for me has negative connotations along the lines of slavery and ownership. I couldn't call my husband master without feeling I was worth less than him and I was a possession not a person with free will, I wouldn't feel I was being submissive because I chose to be I would be being submissive because I had no choice. I wouldn't feel comfortable discussing my concerns with him, I would feel dehumanized. I also have to say I've known (and seen) some people in abusive relationships and a common factor with them both were forced into referring to their SO as master. I don't mean to imply you are abusive and your girlfriend may not see it the same way as me. If she is comfortable and you are comfortable I don't see the problem. To sum my thoughts up: I would not feel comfortable, so I would not. Your girlfriend is comfortable, you are comfortable and you aren't hurting anyone so you go ahead. Keep in mind all the bible says about your responsibilities as well as hers and don't let it slip from your sight.