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  1. ProudToBeJesusFreak


    Hello! Pleasure to meet you. I hope you enjoy this site! God Bless.
  2. I feel like God is telling me my purpose in life, but I have yet to reach what he is calling me to do.

    1. Nicene Nerd

      Nicene Nerd

      Your purpose in life is given in Scripture. Beyond that, I refer you here: http://thenicenenerd.com/2014/04/how-to-know-gods-will-for-you/

    2. ProudToBeJesusFreak


      Thank you! Much appreciated!

  3. ProudToBeJesusFreak

    Meeting Christians through Instagram

    Hello there. With regards to 'meeting' fellow Christians on the internet, I would say that face-to-face interaction is more beneficial to the both of you, in the long run. However, it is extremely hard to find fellow Christians within the society of today! I would say, that the 'friend - zone' can also turn into a 'romantic zone'.. you just have to patient. If a girl can see that you are trustworthy, polite, caring, etc... these are resounding qualities that every girl looks for. Although, you are only seventeen. You have loads of time to find a girlfriend and date! Why not focus on having fun for now? I hope this was in someway helpful to you! -ProudToBeJesusFreak.
  4. ProudToBeJesusFreak

    Hello!.... Again (^__^)

    I'm shocked someone remembers me ! How are you? I'm good Thankyou! Just getting my work all done before Christmas! Got a couple of essays to write YAAY! I've asked for a 3DS, Trumpet music books, and snow! Lots of snow! You too ProudToBeJesusFreak.
  5. ProudToBeJesusFreak

    Hello!.... Again (^__^)

    Hello everyone! I must profoundly apologise for not checking into this website on a regular basis! o.o How is everyone? Are we all excited for Christmas? I cannot wait!! What have you all asked for/hoping to receive? God Bless! ProudToBeJesusFreak.
  6. ProudToBeJesusFreak

    Hello everyone

    Hello Sasha! Pleasure to meet you
  7. I haven't been on here for a while! How is everyone?

    1. Silently95


      Hey!! :D I've missed you! How've you been?

    2. Shasta Daisy

      Shasta Daisy

      Doin' good! How are you? :-)

    3. ProudToBeJesusFreak
  8. ProudToBeJesusFreak

    ACT prep help

    Sounds like a lot of hard work! I would, but we have different schooling systems :') Just structure your answer with a beginning, middle, and end. Also, try not to use too many adjectives, pronouns, etc. Focus on description and emotive language. Sorry if this didn't help much ProudToBeJesusFreak.
  9. It's such a sunny day!

    1. Shasta Daisy

      Shasta Daisy

      Nice! Sunny are usually the best days, aren't they? :-)

    2. ProudToBeJesusFreak


      They are! :D

      It's gone dark now, but the sunny weather makes you feel so much happier :)!

  10. ProudToBeJesusFreak

    Getting a Job

    Hello there, Inky! I love your username! It reminds me of an old children's programme that I used to watch - the main character in it was called Inky Getting a job is really hard, right! Here are a few tips that helped me when getting a job : 1) show how passionate you are! - Even if it's just a tolerable job. If the employers see that you are eager to learn, then they will appreciate that you have a genuine interest. 2) write a CV! Don't be afraid to write about you as a character! Say you are diligent, polite, trust worthy, etc. 3) If they say no, then try another place Someone is bound to accept you eventually! Good luck, and keep us all posted ! God Bless! ProudToBeJesusFreak. (I'm praying for you, too :L)
  11. ProudToBeJesusFreak


    Thank you
  12. ProudToBeJesusFreak

    Name your top favorite song(s)

    Thank you, Shasta Daisy ! I love your username
  13. ProudToBeJesusFreak

    Name your top favorite song(s)

    Guns and Roses - Sweet child of mine Take good care of my baby - Bobby Vee House of the Rising Sun - The Animals