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  1. ThroughFlames

    I'm gay...

    Thank you. The problem is that my parents force me to go to their church, and I dont fully agree with it, so idk what to do.
  2. ThroughFlames

    I'm gay...

    I know that homosexuality is a sin and I also know it's not unless you act on it. Well, I'm still a virgin but this desire is strong and I'm afraid of what it could lead to. The bible says Confess and Pray, and I've done both. God has done nothing, unless you consider beating a dead horse helping. My desire to be in a loving relationship with a man grows stronger every day. At this point I dont even have a desire to be in a relationship with a female. Everytime I hear someone condemning homosexuality, it draws me closer to suicide and honestly I'm close to that point. I love Jesus very much but it's hard to remain a Christian when everyone's saying being happy is like turning my back on him. Help.
  3. ThroughFlames

    My 14 year old friend addicted to alcohol

    Do you want a picture?
  4. 3 years. I've had enough practice with one that you don't even think about how much of a nuisance it it.
  5. ThroughFlames

    Movie Recommendation

    Interstellar is a complex but amazing movie!
  6. ThroughFlames

    My 14 year old friend addicted to alcohol

    Yes. I guess he practically lives by himself, as his mom is usualy working.
  7. Hello everyone! This is true, legs are useless. Nirvana is pretty good.
  8. ThroughFlames

    My 14 year old friend addicted to alcohol

    He has a mom who he hardly ever sees, I have no idea what happened to his dad. He lives in Florida, I live in Colorado I can't help him personally
  9. This story is very long, so I will do my best to make it short and sweet. 3 or 4 years ago I discovered that I had a golfball sized tumor sitting on my brain stem. My neuro surgeon predicted it was level 4 brain cancer, highly lethal. Well, during surgery, the tumor was so powerful it basically made my vital signs go way down whenever the surgeon touched it. It was doubtful I would live. Obviously, I lived, and to make the doctors more astonished, the pathology report of my tumor came back as level 1 benign, which means the tumor was practically dead and non-cancerous. Oh, and the doctors also predicted if I did live, I would wake up mentally retarded. After a five day coma, I was awake and fully aware and was just as smart as before. I couldn't talk when I woke up, but I wrote on a piece of paper to my parents "I'll be fine.". I pushed through. After a well fought through 48 day and night hospital stay, I returned home with a crapload of medical equipment. The one I hated the most, called a trache, was a permanent tube in my neck which allowed me to breathe, since my vocal cords didn't work at all. I was recommended to a radiation treatment which would get rid of the 20% of my tumor my neurosurgeon couldn't get. Lasted 6 weeks, a three hour drive each day for 6 weeks. While it helped get rid of the tumor and healed some stuff, like my throat (which I was very thrilled about) it also gave me radiation poisoning. 2 weeks to much. That's all I heard for the following month. I had 6 weeks of radiation, whereas I should've had 4. So... Another lengthy hospital visit. I'm glad to say I recovered, but everything that healed in the past 2 months went down the toilet. So, for the past three years I've had very relentless physical, speech, and occupational as well as psychological therapy. It's been a struggle, but God has walked along side me every step of the way. He has done so much good in my life! It's a miracle I'm alive. I have made extraordinary progress for the past three years, and attend a high school in all general Ed classes. I have an above average IQ of 130. I can't even believe that this is reality. To my knowledge, I could still be in a coma and this has all been a strange illusion or dream that feels significantly real. God is always by my side.
  10. Hey I'm Daniel, this is like the third time in 2 years or so that I said I will stick around. This time it's happening. It's gonna happen. I ain't strayin'. I really need some Godly friends in my life, so I'd love to be welcomed here. I like to play video games, listen to music (metal and hard rock), and be on Internet forums. I'm really shy in person, so forums are my social outlet. Anyway, I have a lot of medical issues and am wheelchair bound. Though, I can walk with assistance,
  11. My friend is 14, atheist, and thinks he is damned to hell. To add upon that, he is a heavy drinker. I really am so sad and upset, I really care for him. Everytime I contact him, he's drunk. He has a lot of depression issues to. He's a wreck. Please pray for him. His name is Colin.
  12. ThroughFlames

    Bi-sexual Christian

    What if I'm gay?
  13. ThroughFlames

    Bi-sexual Christian

    Umm, thanks for not helping...
  14. ThroughFlames

    Bi-sexual Christian

    I need serious help. I didn't choose to be this way, and everywhere I look tells me it's wrong. I've asked God for help, but no answer. I know that I can't be changed, but am a strong Christian and feel torn at this. I love Jesus with all my heart and soul, I was a Christian before I turned this way. Now I just feel lost. I know its wrong to be gay, but why would God hate a strong Christian just for being Bi? Why would God let me feel this way? Is it ok to be homosexual at all? I believe that Jesus cleansed our sins, but still that doesn't justify homosexuality... Does it?