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    Please Pray!

    For several months, my mum has been working two jobs, while my dad works 1 full time job. But even though they are earning money, it isn't enough and I'm really scared of what this could mean. We couldn't afford food this week or the week before, because we had to pay for the mortgage and the bills, which left us with $10... I am really scared of what is going to happen to us... We don't have money and we have only a small amount of food left. My dad's boss won't pay him and it's really hard to survive on what my mum makes, even though she works for 6am to 5pm, every day. I contribute money as well but it isn't helping overly much. I am just so scared that we are going to be kicked out or that we'll have to move away. I have a church here and am a youth pastor volunteer and I have friends that I love and I am about to sit my HSC/final exams for school. Everything seems to be stacking up at once and I am really at a loss at what to do. Please pray for me!
  2. This morning, at about 3am, I was sick with a raging fever and a head cold. It was about 3:30 and during the worst part of my fever, I prayed and call out to God and I felt something, a presence come over me. It was warm and peaceful and felt like water running over me. It was so full of love and hope and peace that I was crying. Then, I was surrounded by a crowd of voices, each one crying out for God and I was surrounded by them. I had a nudging feeling in my heart that seemed to pull me towards these voices. Each voice was crying out, loudly, for God's forgiveness and healing. I felt I had to pray for them, to help them and help them feel the presence I was feeling. I felt this presence almost speak to me, but no words, only a feeling telling me to help. My fever is gone, my head cold is going and I am wondering what actually happened here. I have no idea what happened and whether or not it was God speaking to me... I will speak to my pastor today but I wanted to see if anyone else has ever had this happen? Porky