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    I am a student who just graduated from high school, I will be attending the Art Institute of Vancouver this fall for Event Management. I am super excited! I love music and reading. Im a bit of a loner but i have a couple great friends.
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  1. Simulated babies are so not fun! normally they would be on easy mode, this time my teacher decided medium.. I got woken up every hour the night before last and yeaterday evening, she cried 19 times between 5 and 9! I have school still!

    1. Buoyancy


      best birth control ever.

    2. MonaBarte


      I remember when I had mine. Ugh, I had to wake up like 20 times during the night. My eyes were burning the next day from exhaustion :( Good luck!

    3. MagicallyMusical14


      Definitly was not fun. As for the birth control, totally true! My baby woke up every hour a couple nights, every two hours on a few other nights! So many people handed their babies back after 2 days, i was the only one that lasted the whole time :P