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  1. Simulated babies are so not fun! normally they would be on easy mode, this time my teacher decided medium.. I got woken up every hour the night before last and yeaterday evening, she cried 19 times between 5 and 9! I have school still!

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      best birth control ever.

    2. MonaBarte


      I remember when I had mine. Ugh, I had to wake up like 20 times during the night. My eyes were burning the next day from exhaustion :( Good luck!

    3. MagicallyMusical14


      Definitly was not fun. As for the birth control, totally true! My baby woke up every hour a couple nights, every two hours on a few other nights! So many people handed their babies back after 2 days, i was the only one that lasted the whole time :P

  2. MagicallyMusical14

    eating disorders and going behind parents backs.

    Im doing way better! I still have a long way to go in my relationship with God though. With my eating disorder, im mainly good, occasionally i have relapses, but i think that must be normal. As for the guys, im not is a "physical" relationship (kissing, making out, etc. I havn't had sex), but i am seeing a guy right now, he is older, but he is also religious, hardworking and very supportive of everything i do, We shall have to see where God leads us! If you ever want to talk about anything, message me
  3. There was a girl, she was only in 10th grade, but already she felt like the world was working against her. It was January, cold and miserable, this brought about her busiest time of year. Being so busy she started forgetting to eat, as the weeks passed she was loosing weight and as she looked in the mirror she liked what she saw, this girl who was already skinny started to view herself as fat. Looking in the mirror she saw ugliness, so she stopped eating all together. It progressed even further when her brother started cutting, that happy boy, her twin, was suicidal. Her parents attention was on him and it was like her cry for attention or a cry for help, but nobody noticed. The girl who was always so truthful, the girl who never went behind her parents backs, was now doing both. "Yes mom, i already ate" and "i still have money at school" became frequent excuses. This paved the way for even more trouble. Soon she was constantly working and she gave up her first kiss to a guy who didn't even care. She was lying to her parents even more, "I'm not involved with him!" or "Nothing happened!", were more things often heard. She started texting in class, marks slightly decreased. Soon her best friend became worried. He noticed more than anyone, he could see behind the lies. Finally, months after the first situation which made the way for more mistakes and regrets, she opened up. This girl that couldn't trust because of past experiences, finally broke down. She told him how busyness prevented eating and triggered the start of an eating disorder. She told him how trying to rebel against her parents made her hate herself even more. Soon this girl who was once so confident, was crying, not lightly but like rain in a thunderstorm. She was broken and ready to give up. But her best friend was patient, he helped her through everything, the once massive pile of burdens was slowly going down. Her parents never knew what she was going through and they still don't know. Now when sharing this story, those that know her are shocked to know. This broken girl, the girl who was ready to give everything up, just one short year ago, was me. Well there's my testimony.There is only 2 or 3 people that know my full story, but i guess now there is more. I wrote this for my english class and as i go to public school it doesn't contain everything. Within my household, i'm the only christian, and that does make it harder to keep a relationship with Jesus going. About two years ago i started floating away from God, i made my way back and then when my story starts, last January, i fell away again and since then i have been struggling to get back. Any one going through these things, please talk to me, id be happy to try help as best as i can.
  4. MagicallyMusical14

    Women: How do you deal with feeling ugly or not good enough?

    mabye you look in the mirror and see yourself as ugly but when other people look at you they see the beauty.. as humans, we tend to focus more on our imperfections, its normal.. We are always going to want to change something about ourselves.. Im tiny, but i look in the mirror and see someone thats fat, its not true but thats what i see. Its one of those challenges God has put in my life that i need to deal with and as time goes on i will.. You are only 13, something that seems like such a bug deal now, might not be in the future.. im short, i hated it before, but now i like it!
  5. MagicallyMusical14

    Youth Groups

    We meet every friday at 7pm, we normally hang out until 7:30ish then have either a scavenger hunt, movie, bowling, games, etc. then at 8:45ish we start having our discussion/message. When that is done we have snacks and hang out until 9:30
  6. just received conditional acceptance into university :D

  7. So happy the headaches and feeling sick has stopped :) next stop allergy and hearing specialist....

  8. MagicallyMusical14

    What book are you reading now?

    growing up dugger, it has some very good points in it
  9. MagicallyMusical14

    Possible tumor

    Will definitly be praying! Please let us know how things go
  10. Headaches and earaches.... welcome to my life :/

  11. MagicallyMusical14

    Do you think I am a good Singer (BE HONEST)

    hey! not too bad its not the kind of thing i would listen to but you can hold a tune and you are on key, which scores major points in my books! keep it up..
  12. MagicallyMusical14

    Hello all :)

    Welcome looking forward to any contributions you may have in the forums!
  13. MagicallyMusical14


    welcome to CTF! i hope you find some great friends here
  14. MagicallyMusical14

    Ask A Girl.

    I have no problem with this, infact i think its awesome! its so great that you admit you like gardening and what not.. i would love to have a male friend like you!
  15. hahahahaha, 2.5 days into school and school is canceled because of power outages.....

  16. MagicallyMusical14

    Ask A Girl.

    I agree with HopeLeighs, sometimes im very guilty of never starting the conversation because i start thinking what if hes only talking to me because i messaged him, what if im annoying him or boring him.. So its like a way of making sure he actually wants to talk to me.. I think she may possibly like you, again i agree with HopeLeighs, if i asked a guy a question like that it would be directed towards them..
  17. MagicallyMusical14


    I dont know about suggestions, but i do want you to know you are not alone, lots of people go through this, myself included. What i have found helps abit is to stay busy because when you get bored its easier to make exuses as to why its ok, when we know its not.
  18. MagicallyMusical14


    I think that everyone should have a positive self image but with some people its just difficult to have that positive image, some people have a really hard time viewing themselves as anything remotely pretty, etc.
  19. yeah!! the strike is over and school is finally starting on monday :D

    1. FriendOfGod
    2. MagicallyMusical14


      all the teachers here in british columbia have been on strike since june while a new contract has been gettinf negotiated with the provincial government, we missed the last two weeks of school and the first three weeks of school due to the strike

  20. I completely agree!! Christian doesnt have to meen boring, its just a matter of finding someone who isnt afraid to let go and have fun, talk, etc. Mabye you just need to help draw them out from their shell, but christian doesnt need to meen boring. Keep looking, keep praying because God will respond one day
  21. MagicallyMusical14

    My Story....

    woah! its seriously awesome that you have been through all of this and you are still on fire for God! Its very encouraging. Thanks for sharing!
  22. september 14th, school should have started by now :(

  23. MagicallyMusical14

    Youth Group Talks

    i think thats something we are all guilty of at some point, not having manners and treating our friends (and others) badly. Its definitly something that could make a great talk/discussion
  24. at youth group, we have a lesson/talk for the last half an hour. If you got to pick what is was about, what would you choose and why? What kind of message would you like to hear? It could be anything from biblical things to drugs and testimonies.