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    I love Jesus. I'm better at drawing than I used to be when I first came. I'm not as active anymore, so contact me on kik if you wanna at 2beautiful4blades.
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    Earth xP
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    Too many. ( =_=)
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    I don't even know. :')
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    Brooke/Brookie/a lot of friggin names

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  1. I feel like I'm going over my childhood memories coming back to this place. :P

    1. Shasta Daisy

      Shasta Daisy

      Welcome back! :-)

  2. Brooke!! I was able to summon you! :D Too bad I wasn't on at the same time. I miss you! You seriously need to be on here more.

    1. GodslilGirl


      I seriously do, you're right. I don't know why I stopped logging on. Gotta get back to this place. ;)

    2. GodslilGirl


      I miss you too. ;-;

  3. You need to come back and be more active again! D:

  4. GodslilGirl

    Please pray

    Sure thing!!
  5. GodslilGirl

    The current Pope

    I like and dislike him. He seems likea really good guy. But I do disagree with some of the things he says. I don't think it's healthy as far as someones spirituality goes. But I like him.
  6. GodslilGirl

    Please pray

    You've got it. Remember, you're worth it. No matter what anyone says, you're beautiful. Always remember who you are.
  7. GodslilGirl

    I feel alone.

    I'm sorry that you feel alone. That's something I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy. It suck, and I get you. I'll definitely pray for you. We've got your back. How's Baltimore? I'm not too far from you. Hope you're doing better. Feel free to DM me on Skype if you want to.
  8. GodslilGirl


    Though I'm not sure how someone who is mentally I'll is charged when it comes to God.
  9. GodslilGirl


    Does the Bible not say, "Thou shalt not kill"? Killing yourself is killing correct? So Ibelieve it is a sin . Though it seems lovely sometimes in ones life, I believe it is a sin.
  10. GodslilGirl

    New here

    Heyy. Welcome to the forums. I'm Brooke. Yeahh what kind of anime do you like? I just got into it myself. And what kinds of games? Do you have a wiiU?
  11. Welcome to the forums! :)

  12. GodslilGirl

    Possible tumor

    Yes Sir.
  13. Alex!! (^.^) it's me Brooke.

    1. AlejandroThePillow


      Hey umma go to sleep so I'll check this out after I get home from hpung at the church :) goodnight

    2. AlejandroThePillow
  14. Welcome KJ. :) If you have any questions please don't feel obligated to ask me. Hope you love it here. :D

  15. Oooh. I thought she meant the normal "I'm going to kill you."