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    doctor who. primeval. harry potter. video games. books. sherlock. supernatural.
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  1. teddiebean01

    Is there noone my age on here?

    i'm thirteen anddd i'm on here!
  2. teddiebean01


    i love sherlock. like so much. its the best show EVER. besides doctor who. (obviously )
  3. Hey there, chickidee. I didn't realize you were on CTF. x3

    1. teddiebean01


      Yepp! I like never get on anymore though :)

  4. Rainbow dash Ron Weasley Batman The doctor Sherlock LOKI
  5. teddiebean01

    Favorite Superhero?

    well... Loki's my favorite... but he's a villain.......
  6. teddiebean01

    hi new here...

    in other words... we only bite a little
  7. teddiebean01

    Who Has Watched Doctor Who?

    *sniff sniff*
  8. teddiebean01

    Who Has Watched Doctor Who?

    i love doctor who, best show ever! my favorite episodes are all of the ones that the weeping angels are in. my favorite doctor is 11. although 12 is super fantastic. my favorite companion changes a lot... but, i would have to say either clara, donna or amy pond. unless river song counts... because if she does then river is definitely my favorite. also, i'm so sad Osgood died. i really liked her character...
  9. teddiebean01

    favorite book?????

    almost all of those books are on my 'i need to read this' List. espescially The Shining.
  10. teddiebean01

    favorite book?????

    lol you can never read too much i lovvvvveeeee edgar allen poe!