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  1. mar

    Is masturbation a sin?

    Some of the previous posts were quite direct and clear. There's a person i know, you wouldnt suspect this person doing 'sinful stuff" like this, even part of the worship team. But when God showed how wrong what was being done was, such remorse and piercing pain the person had to go through. Here's 1 from Prov. 29.1: If you get more stubborn every time you are corrected, one day you will be crushed and never recover. I know you're not at that point, but there are many young people who disregard warnings, thinking Emmanuel, God is with me. Before they know it, theyve fallen and can't rise, or rising is a lot harder.
  2. mar


    Oh thanks, i missed to get back to this!
  3. I was only wondering abt the expression 'good luck' so often used about. For believers, is this appropriate, thinking we're supposed to be believing in the living God. So where would luck come in? This wasnt meant as a debate, ok, i was simply wondering how commonly i hear it, when a better expression would be 'God bless you' or 'Be blessed,' something like that?
  4. mar

    How tall are you?

    How come? Am an asian, and in my country, my height (5'4") is quite tall already. Let me just tell before graduating from grade school, my blouse was just a bit short for me already, so i had to slouch a bit so my belly button wouldnt show=(. How i wished i was shorter! But now, i have a teen (i did say i'm a bit older than many of u, right) who's bypassed me?
  5. Welcome Newbie. ;)

    1. mar


      hi brooke. just a few mins. here-- see u again.

  6. mar

    Something I have noticed

    Luke 6.29 seems esp for the more mature believer. Tho younger, bolder ones can learn and use it in life as Jesus showed meekness is a virtue we can and should learn whatever stage in life we are in.
  7. mar

    Something I have noticed

    I think you are blessed for knowing what to do/how to handle the situation at the time. Sure there is a time for everything, and it does help to show others there are strong ppl around, esp. 'strong' in the sense that ur 'strong in the Lord and the power of His might' and can use that strength when needed.
  8. It's just different, auren, as i also kind of thought, Huh? How abt this... i only wonder what kind of humor the rest here have, esp the 'musicians' here. We so vary at home, you see. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_UNNDUrDyk ps. After posting, i wondered how/why afriendlyatheists' post was a link, while this turned out the utube vid itself??
  9. mar

    What Are you Listening to VIII

    Just now ive been trying to listen to some oldies, some ive heard before, others new to me, but am finding beautiful like Here i am, Lord, On eagle's wings, Yahweh, You are near... Are any of you familiar w/ those? Like this:
  10. mar


    On 2nd thoughts, i have figured out how to pm=).
  11. mar


    Oh, so how do even pm! Looks like i should read around more, tho i did post a few yesterday.
  12. mar

    What do I do?

    I just read, but how now? Have u figured out?
  13. mar

    I can't do this anymore.

    I hadnt the chance to read ur other posts, but i do need someone to talk w/. Did you mention what church u go to? Just asking.
  14. mar

    I can't do this anymore.

    Sometimes they could be big sins but wc we do not./didnt see, like deception. We may be proud or not really being humble when something is being shown us. Dont allow the cloud of sin to blind you or make ears deaf to what God is showing or telling you, as i have done. Its a very painful experience and like magicallymusical above, we think we cannot forgive ourself nor God forgive us.