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    It's the start of the end, surrender the throne, the blood on my hands cover the holes
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    Skating, playing violin, electric bass, and sleeping
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  1. MY DAD IS LETTING ME GET A TATTOO (he is the type of guy who doesn't like them so he loves me now)

    1. Cato


      Maybe you should use this choice to honor your dad, and just not get a tattoo.

  2. Yumathewhat?

    How old are you?

  3. Yumathewhat?

    Song Suggestions

    Hey friends ^^; i recentlu started a metalcore/hard rock band and we are looking for some songs you guys think would be good for a new band to practice with until we can start writing our own singles/songs. We still need a drummer but that isn't keeping up from practicing. Also if i think it woild be good to get some feedback om our playing I'll try to upload a video and share it here.

    1. T.O.W.R.


      The noobs are evolving.

    2. Allons-y99


      I'm gonna guess you? lol

  5. Yumathewhat?

    Careers etc.

    Tattoo artist/piercer
  6. If you wanna see my face look at my kik (bladeghg2036) profile picture or my instagram (skortilwabramop)

    1. SoulRocker


      haha... don't have either of those...... ;)

    2. Yumathewhat?


      Omg my old YouTube channel XD yeah I was stupid back then

  7. #I_dont_get_the_point_of_hashtags

    1. Yumathewhat?


      XD I died at fegetmoney

  8. Yumathewhat?

    What Are you Listening to VIII

    Shadow Moses- Bring Me The Horizon
  9. So I made a quick doodle, I have no idea how to, or if anyone would like to see

    1. GIR


      I want to.

    2. Yumathewhat?


      How do you upload a picture?

    3. GIR


      No clue :< Try looking in the gallery.

  10. I just realized that my career path revolves around the sharpie I used to give my friend a fake sleeve

    1. SoulRocker


      and... why.. I mean HOW?

    2. Buoyancy


      Tattoo artist in the making.

    3. Yumathewhat?


      I would love to put my art onto peoples' bodies so you could say that

  11. Yumathewhat?

    Songs That Makes You Cry...

    I would say a song that makes me cry is Caraphernelia br Pierce The Veil. It reminds me about my first heartbreak, but it is also one of my favorite songs because it tells me that even if I can't forget what he did to me, I can still be happy and there is someone out there that I deserve. Another song that has made me tear up is Can You Feel My Heart by Bring Me The Horizon. It explains how I felt when dealing with depression and suicide, to be honest, this song genuinely saved my life. This song has inspired me to help others and keep them from going to the darkness that I had to crawl out of. Another reminder that I used to have a demon inside me that I won the war with. The last song that will get me to tear up is Sleepwalking by Bring Me The Horizon. It opened my eyes and taught me that, when you are being consumed by darkness it puts you into a state of sleepwalking and that you need to get away from the bad influence and surround yourself in the right environment before it is too late, it will make you realize who your true friends and supporters are if you look inside yourself. We all live once and we only get one shot, so shoot. Make your mark, you will not regret it. Everyone is amazing in their own way. No matter how bad it may seem, there is always a way out, even though it may be one of the hardest things you will do, but in the end, you will thank yourself.
  12. Maybe I should have had a different approach on this, I really need help when it comes to socializing and talking to people v.v I'm sorry

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    2. T.O.W.R.


      Also, please dont say "I used to be in Introvert but I grew out of it" or even worse, that you "got better". We're not sick and don't have a problem. I'm honestly a little offended by it. But that's not aimed at you, I'm just saying that I find it a tad rude.

    3. Marley


      You do have to recognize though, Tk, that a lot of people confuse introversion with shyness. Shyness can be a problem if it keeps you from doing what you want to do. Keep putting yourself out there Yuma! It gets easier.

    4. T.O.W.R.


      Ah yes. What Marley said.

  13. Too good at life, I am, at life.... What

  14. Yumathewhat?

    Something I have noticed

    Something I have noticed after what happened to me (attempted suicide) was that, I noticed that there is a lot of bullying in my school, and I'm sure my school isn't the only one that has it. I have seen kids get made fun of for having cuts on their arms that those bullies cause them to do. I personally believe we should blow stuff like this up sky high, nothing will change unless people make a deal out of it. And something else I found out recently, but I forget which state wants it, but some group of Christians wanted a lisense to discriminate gays. Which genuinely upsets me because LGBT teens have the highest suicide rates compared to any other group and it disturbs me that those people wanted it. So, should we blow this shy high or continue to do absolutely noting and let stuff like this slide?
  15. Yumathewhat?

    Should Christians listen to non-christian music?

    Yes, I listen to a lot of metal. Such as PTV, Suicide Silence, and Bring Me The Horizon. I am also known to listen to any kind of music except rap and country. But 90% of my music is metal, metal core, and heavy metal.