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    Mr. Modesty/Head covering/Bible basics police... fear my theology: it's thorough.
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  1. AlexFL93

    Are Mormons Christians?

    This person is creeping me out... the best they could refute with is "I'm right because I say so" Can you explain to me why the Jews from the pre-Mosaic era spoke French? http://www.cultwatch.com/mormon.html http://www.biblebelievers.com/jmelton/Mormons.html http://worldcultwatch.org/2013/04/13/mormon/
  2. AlexFL93

    It's ok receive a spanking?

    It has been shown that physical punishment, when used only to correct, is MUCH more effective than other methods. Thanks to parents not spanking their kids we have watched the world degrade into a mess where even murder is borderline-acceptable.
  3. AlexFL93

    Ask A Guy

    Well, when one applies to college and finds that all the scholarships are for the liberal atheistic colored females... one learns to adapt and find money through other means
  4. I have a tendency to not sit there whilst others drink the kool-aid, no matter how much I do or do not like them.

    1. SoulRocker


      I hate kool-aid

    2. Zhouburn


      I'll take the red flavor

    3. Buoyancy


      Dat fruit punch tho.

  5. AlexFL93

    Are Mormons Christians?

    I will let Ellicott take this from here, and just about all other Bible commentaries agree with him
  6. AlexFL93


    "Likes" and "Hates" are very dangerous because people use them to gang up on and drag down the reputation of a user they don't like, and it discourages discussion as people will use the button to express their feelings and hide in anonymity, typically in discussions they have baseless views on.
  7. AlexFL93

    Why is the Old Testament irrelevant?

    No, I know much about that, but how does one refute them? No, I know much about all of these religions, but as a person somewhat interested in evangelization, it would be quite helpful.
  8. AlexFL93

    Why is the Old Testament irrelevant?

    I speak of all monotheistic religions: rastafari, zoroastrianism, Islam, etc... So for all I pose this: how do we refute those who say that Christianity (and Judaism) are just a "collection of fairy tales from various cultures" even though the original texts of the OT pre-date just about everything else ever written?
  9. AlexFL93

    So... Restoring My Foreskin

    There is a reason for circumcision on the eighth day of life... For the first 7-10 days of life babies are actually pretty immune to infections; likewise, after about 7 days human blood can clot normally. The Jews didn't know this then, but modern medicine revealed this millennia later.
  10. AlexFL93

    Deutronomy 22:5

    I know you weren't responding to me, but I think you, JAG, and I are on the same page... we just skipped different pages to get there.
  11. And having been an altar server at a very conservative church, I'd have one too, on the pavement in front of the altar. Since we're using church lingo here
  12. AlexFL93

    Deutronomy 22:5

    Finishing my post... We reach the conclusion that women should look decidedly feminine. That doesn't mean I am demanding them to wear skirts, but they are better off wearing jeans that no one could confuse for men's. However, there comes the line where "culture" actually means "defying God," and I don't know if we are there yet. You could argue some facets of society, but I don't think this one...
  13. AlexFL93

    Deutronomy 22:5

    And somehow half of my post got cut off...
  14. AlexFL93

    Deutronomy 22:5

    I believe the New Testament was very explicit in what things changed from the Old Law to the New Law, and that included being able to eat pork chops. There is a very strong argument for this in 1 Corinthians 11, but I am willing to chalk that up to each woman's person preference; but I do think men should have much shorter hair then women. However, there comes a time where a woman's hair is a migraine and a half and needs to be shortened. Likewise, have you ever heard of the Messianic Jews? This is where the cultural argument fails. Women's and men's clothing varies from country to country, and I think that in this respect the "it's cultural" thing is valid. However, we are presented with a false dichotomy here. And here I present: Showing that there are distinguishing differences still present, such as the fact that men's and women's clothes button the opposite way. Things changed as a result of moral depravity. The push that began 100-years ago by women to be equal to men led to today where men's and women's clothing are sometimes indistinguishable. The people that led (and now lead) this charge are mostly atheists, usually vicious haters of Christianity. Therefore a I believe that what a woman wears can change based on her culture, but she should still look like a woman. Here's where I present: