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    Some things about myself: I'm up in the middle of the night a lot, I listen to a ton of music that varies to the extreme genre wise, I love making friends and having deep conversations (I really can't stand small talk after a while, it's extremely boring for me.), I'm very awkward and shy in real life, I'm very interested in philosophy/theology, I'm obsessed with Wikipedia, I love Nikola Tesla and Edgar Allan Poe, I love writing, gardening, singing, and coming up with new ideas. I pretty much have multiple personalities.....Crazy, quiet, contemplative, creative, and sometimes all of those at once, which make an interesting mix. :P Feel free to message me at anytime!
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    Writing (poems, stories, songs, books), knife throwing, karate, gardening, BUTTERFLIES :D, philosophy/theology, swing dancing, psychology, helping people, etc.
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  1. I understand how you feel. I've also gone through most of my high school as well as middle school life without having any friends. Last year I finally made a couple friends, thankfully. Christian friends too. I promise you they are out there. But for the longest time (I don't know, 5 years?) I didn't have anyone but Jesus either. And you know what? It made me a very independent person, and I love being independent. Because of those years I can be alone for hours and not feel lonely. I can do things by myself and still have a LOT of fun. I don't always need people around, and that's a very good, healthy thing. As long as you let them around once you find those special friends. <3
  2. Hi everyone! Long time no CTF. :P Anyone remember me?

  3. Praying for you.
  4. Hello, welcome to the forum.
  5. It's always inspiring to hear these kind of stories, I'm so glad you're okay. God has a plan for your life.
  6. Hey, don't be so serious everyone, I thought it was kind of funny. XD
  7. Maybe we should start a club. XD
  8. *high fives* XD
  9. I'll just be wearing all black and waiting for a letter that never comes...
  10. Praying. And if you need advice, or just a friend, you can PM me. I understand what you're going through.. God will get you through it. It'll all be okay.
  11. Welcome to the forums!
  12. Thanks.
  13. I had a sudden inspiration/revelation and wrote this. And I just felt the need to share it. It was 2 AM when I wrote it, and it isn't very well written (and I apologize for the inevitable grammatical errors), but here it is. I think some of you can relate. Probably a lot of you. Inevitable Hardening Life is constantly turning; life is changing. Things always get more and more grey, but you don't have to fear it. It's bound to happen, because we are not meant for this darkening place. You truly cannot trust anyone, but you have to take that chance anyway. The risk is like skydiving, but without even being in control of your own parachute. The thing is, however long you fall, is however long you get to feel. It's however long you get to hold your breath and pray. You're holding tight and being brave. And when at last, the rush ceases, whether through the parachute's release or a hard collision, you've grown. You've experienced true emotion, love, and chaos. You've grown immensely through this. Isn't that worth it? Better to have loved and to have lost than to have never loved at all. We all should realize by this point in life that every heart has to break. People always make mistakes, and that is inevitable. Maybe darkness is always, constantly creeping into our hearts with every pain. Maybe it hardens us to the core, but maybe that's just the side affects. The side affects of living fearlessly. I have witnessed that a great light, also, can come out of great hurt. We aren't all lost, and pain is completely relative. We're all hardening, because we aren't perfect. We're all constantly turning; changing. But the inevitable isn't always wrong. As long as we're always trying... We aren't all lost.
  14. I agree with Delores, someone who is disabled isn't any less of a person. I hope you realize that. And we shouldn't look at them that way. I know I don't.