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    Some things about myself: I'm up in the middle of the night a lot, I listen to a ton of music that varies to the extreme genre wise, I love making friends and having deep conversations (I really can't stand small talk after a while, it's extremely boring for me.), I'm very awkward and shy in real life, I'm very interested in philosophy/theology, I'm obsessed with Wikipedia, I love Nikola Tesla and Edgar Allan Poe, I love writing, gardening, singing, and coming up with new ideas. I pretty much have multiple personalities.....Crazy, quiet, contemplative, creative, and sometimes all of those at once, which make an interesting mix. :P Feel free to message me at anytime!
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    Writing (poems, stories, songs, books), knife throwing, karate, gardening, BUTTERFLIES :D, philosophy/theology, swing dancing, psychology, helping people, etc.
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  1. Nice to see another Floridian! :D I'm Micaila, and I'm shy and love theology too! How are you? 

  2. Saved.2.

    Hey Everybody!

    Welcome to the forums! I’m Sarah. I’m 18, I’m a non-denominational Protestant Christian, and I’m looking for some new friends.
  3. I understand how you feel. I've also gone through most of my high school as well as middle school life without having any friends. Last year I finally made a couple friends, thankfully. Christian friends too. I promise you they are out there. But for the longest time (I don't know, 5 years?) I didn't have anyone but Jesus either. And you know what? It made me a very independent person, and I love being independent. Because of those years I can be alone for hours and not feel lonely. I can do things by myself and still have a LOT of fun. I don't always need people around, and that's a very good, healthy thing. As long as you let them around once you find those special friends. <3
  4. Hi everyone! Long time no CTF. :P Anyone remember me?

  5. If there's anyone here who can explain Wien's Law to me in a way that's comprehensible, I will love you forever...

  6. I just accidentally wrote someone a eulogy..

  7. Anyone else missing someone a lot tonight?

    1. Kite
    2. Jakob


      My dog died last week. That's been pretty sad.

  8. Saved.2.

    Please pray for me.

    Praying for you.
  9. Everywhere I go in my dreams has he most vivid and strange architecture.. Almost like a different world..

  10. Anyone know of any miracle remedies for getting the smell of garlic out of your mouth after you've had an inhuman amount of garlic? I forgot I was going somewhere tonight. It's kind of an emergency... XD

  11. Saved.2.

    Hello, :)

    Hello, welcome to the forum.
  12. Saved.2.

    How I found God

    It's always inspiring to hear these kind of stories, I'm so glad you're okay. God has a plan for your life.
  13. Saved.2.

    God saved me.

    Hey, don't be so serious everyone, I thought it was kind of funny. XD
  14. Saved.2.

    Valentine's Day

    Maybe we should start a club. XD
  15. Saved.2.

    Valentine's Day

    *high fives* XD