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    Some things about myself: I'm up in the middle of the night a lot, I listen to a ton of music that varies to the extreme genre wise, I love making friends and having deep conversations (I really can't stand small talk after a while, it's extremely boring for me.), I'm very awkward and shy in real life, I'm very interested in philosophy/theology, I'm obsessed with Wikipedia, I love Nikola Tesla and Edgar Allan Poe, I love writing, gardening, singing, and coming up with new ideas. I pretty much have multiple personalities.....Crazy, quiet, contemplative, creative, and sometimes all of those at once, which make an interesting mix. :P Feel free to message me at anytime!
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    Writing (poems, stories, songs, books), knife throwing, karate, gardening, BUTTERFLIES :D, philosophy/theology, swing dancing, psychology, helping people, etc.
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  1. Anyone know of any miracle remedies for getting the smell of garlic out of your mouth after you've had an inhuman amount of garlic? I forgot I was going somewhere tonight. It's kind of an emergency... XD