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  1. Godsmasterpiece

    Good Strengths to have...

    These are good!! Thank you!!
  2. Otay, so I don't know if this goes in this section, but I couldn't think of any better place. So i'm filling out an application for a convention happening this spring were a whole bunch of teens and young adults get together and learn how to witness on their college campuses. One of the questions on the applications is "What do you consider to be your talents, gifts, and strengths?" so my question is...what are some good gifts, talents, of strengths to have as a christian?
  3. Godsmasterpiece

    A Few Poems That I've Written

    I like that Proverb. I think I might adopt it.
  4. Godsmasterpiece

    A Few Poems That I've Written

    I like your poems. I write poetry to, and generally I try to write them in a way that no one will get what I am truly trying to say. I think that's why I liked your poems. I feel like I kinda got a grasp of what you were trying to say, but ultimately I feel like I will never understand what you are truly trying to say unless you tell me. I think that makes for good poetry; leave your audience with something to think about.
  5. Godsmasterpiece

    Favorite Book of the Bible

    Old Testament: definitely Proverbs...wisdom is key!! New Testament: Romans
  6. Godsmasterpiece

    Thoughts on this Poem

    Thank you! I honestly haven't thought about naming it. I never really name my poems. Any suggestions?
  7. Godsmasterpiece

    Thoughts on this Poem

    Thank you so much!! I can see what you mean by the ending being awkward. I'm definitely going to revise it!
  8. Godsmasterpiece

    Thoughts on this Poem

    Let's be ambiguous Skirt around the obvious Lets shine a light on the light And hide what's underneath The elephant in the room Darkness spreading within I'm saturated But don't want to be How did I get here again Despising existence Searching for a purpose Failing with no finess Touched by no one else Heart made of stone Stench in the air A constant reminder The end is in... A new year A new chance Decisions to be made To love myself And die Or love myself And live No more ambiguity Time to be transparent Sometimes... I hate life
  9. Godsmasterpiece


    It's not so much that I would want to see something different, but it would be easier to navigate an app on mobile devices.
  10. Godsmasterpiece

    Romance Novels aka smut

    Well I've already read all three of those books years ago…so that's out the window But I get where you're coming from. I think my reasons for reading them changed over time, and that's why it feels sinful now.
  11. Godsmasterpiece

    Romance Novels aka smut

    So I personally love to read romance novels. However, the novels I read a more on the graphic side, like Fifty Shades of Grey. When I first started reading books like this I didn't consider them sinful, however I'm starting to think that they are. Thought/Opinions?!
  12. Godsmasterpiece

    College Faith

    I personally think that wether you go to a Christian school or a secular school doesn't effect how you grow or don't grow in faith. It's the people you surround yourself with and how you let them influence you.
  13. Godsmasterpiece


    It would be really cool if this site had an app!
  14. Godsmasterpiece

    How do you like your men Ladies?

    -saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Spirit (or at least on his way there) -good looking -muscular build -good sense of humor -loyal -understanding