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    Salvation: Can we lose it?

    What about Hosea? God calls Hosea to marry a prostitute. The prostitute leaves him, but God commands Hosea to rescue her (if I recall correctly). This is a scaled demonstration of not only how broken we are, but how God pursues us anyway.
  2. I would be surprised if what I'm about to say has not already been discussed in past comments of older forum threads, but I'm new and fairly impatient! Here's what I have to say: If a Christian man masturbates: - primarily as a release - without thinking lustful thoughts - without having been inspired to masturbate by sexual content taken in prior to masturbation (e.x. an inappropriate picture or commercial) - without being content with masturbation; acknowledging that he is temporarily settling for much less than what God designed of sexual stimulation in order to control himself ...Is it a sin? Before you comment, consider also these points: - pleasure is not wrong; chocolate isn't a sin, is it? - Why would the Bible be completely silent on masturbation, yet clearly condemn a host of other sexual sins? - Consider the fact that tickling yourself doesn't really work, yet masturbation does, and both tickling and sexual stimulation were designed by the same God I truly wish to seek out truth in this matter. One method I have of seeking out truth is playing "devils advocate", which in this case involves creating a fictitious but possible character that we can call "Jimmy", that only masturbates following all of the above guidelines. For extra brownie points, imagine that you were talking with "Jimmy", and he told you all of this. Comment as if you were responding to him in a face to face conversation!
  3. Hello forums! Before you devour the comment section, let me first state to you the reasoning behind this post... I form my opinions either through arguing myself, or observing other arguments. The winning side is that which defends itself best, in my mind. I currently have no solid opinion on this matter, and would appreciate it greatly if you all could share your thoughts! Don't be afraid to respectfully challenge one another; iron sharpens iron. May the odds be ever in your favor!
  4. eman1000

    I'm here!

    Hello forum that I found off of Google that appears to be fairly intriguing! I'm a guy from the Midwest, I'm going to be a senior in high school (graduating 2015), and I am a Christian (*gasp*)! I'm active within my semi-large non-denominational church as an instructor of middle school classes and a barista at our cafe. Within my high school,I will also be leading a weekly Bible study. My two biggest hobbies are playing piano (by ear) and learning/speaking Spanish. As you might guess, mission work in Spanish speaking countries interests me greatly, as does Christian ministry in general. In the near future, I hope to attend at least once short term mission trip internationally, decide what branch within ministry God wants me in (if He's got something specific for me), and find the right college. Traveling for a year with an international ministry organization prior to college is also a significant possibility. So many choices to make! Long term, I guess from where I am right now, I aspire to graduate college, find the ministry and career I'm called to, serve God, and go to heaven. And I would love to meet my wife (if I haven't already met her) and have some kids and grandkids along the way too! That's me in a big nutshell!