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  1. laurelnoelle

    Being "who you are"

    I think when you love yourself and accept yourself, you can better love and accept others. Where is the sense in hating yourself? How is it logical to constantly feel like a failure or as if you are not good enough? What kind of life is that? Before I loved myself, I was not using my full potential to contribute to others. I think when you are happy, you can better bring joy and assistance to others. I think happiness, helpfulness, and self-love all go together. Loving yourself is not selfish. Depriving the world of a confident, self-loving, happy version of you... that seems more selfish to me. I mean just imagine how much greatness that version of you could bring to the world. You can love yourself and love others and love God simultaneously. You do not have to pick one or two, you can have all three. God loves us the way we are, shouldn't we love ourselves the way we are as well? Of course we can always be better, but that doesn't take away how great we already are. Yes, we all have bad qualities but that does not ruin us as people. Strive to do good in the world. Strive to be good. As people, I think there is always room for improvement. Basically, I believe love yourself as you are but also love yourself through the process of becoming a better version of yourself. I know my beliefs don't always coincide with the exact words of the Bible or other Christians ideals. I've always had a very open mindset and perspective. But the way I see it is that God made Christ to be who he is. God made me to be who I am. I think God made each of us to be separate, unique children of his. I think God wants us to be happy and love ourselves too... I just can't imagine Him not wanting that.
  2. laurelnoelle

    Are thongs slutty?

    I don't like the word "s l u t". It implies that there is something wrong with a woman's sexuality. Thongs are fine. They are simply a choice of underwear. What you wear does not determine the amount of sex you have. Wearing thongs or revealing clothes is not the equivalent of your consent. What you wear does not determine who you are as a person. If someone is going to judge you based on what you choose to wear, then I believe that is their problem and not yours. If you are going to give thongs a go, give it a few days to get used to them. The first time I wore a thong, I thought I would never wear one again. It's like having a permanent wedgie all day long. But after a few days, you really can't notice them. They go great with yoga pants, leggings, etc. It's nice not to have the outline of your underwear sticking out. And yeah, some girls might wear them to feel sexy. Is there anything wrong with feeling sexy? I don't think so. And yeah, sometimes girls wear them to turn guys on. Is it so wrong to turn on your partner? I don't think so. Wear what makes YOU comfortable.
  3. laurelnoelle

    Make up

    I wear makeup nearly everyday. I think it is a fun way to express yourself. I love figuring out how to create a different look with makeup. I've seen quite a few comments on the Internet (typically coming from boys which is funny since most of them are no the ones wearing makeup) saying, "Girls, no need to wear so much make up, it looks like a crayon raped your face." That really bugs me. I don't wear makeup to impress boys. When I choose not to wear makeup, I'm not doing that for boys either. I make choices based on what I want, not what some guy wants. You know how you feel when you do something different with your hair or you put on a really professional outfit? That is how I feel with makeup. I'm still the same person, but I feel the who I am on the inside shows a bit more on the outside. Makeup allows you to express so many feelings and emotions. You can create a piece of art on a face. Seriously, some of the things professional makeup artists can do is absolutely breathtaking. I feel like a lot of people correlate makeup with a lack of confidence or a need for attention. I don't think you should judge people by what they do or do not choose to do with their bodies because that's their choice. Makeup is something you should do or not do because you want to. When I have the time to do a full face of makeup, my routine usually involves primer, foundation, concealer, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick.
  4. laurelnoelle

    College Application questions?

    Hi! I am entering my senior year of high school as well and have been doing quite a bit of research on college applications. I never took the SAT, but I did do the ACT. My school offered an ACT preparatory class that helped a lot. We took quite a bit of timed practice tests which made the actual test less intimidating. The math isn't too bad on the ACT. The word problems tend to be the easiest. There were a few trig-related questions but nothing too bad. Grammar is simply knowing the basic rules. You have to know when to use periods, semi-colons, commas, and colons. I had a superb English teacher that really ingrained the rules into our brains. The best thing you can do to practice for the ACT is read. You have to be a fast reader and process information quickly for the science and reading portion. There are a few different types of passages that will be on the science portion and they have great tips for them on the Interest. When it comes to reading, thoroughly read the passage and underline anything that seems important. There usually are a few details that seem obvious. I do not recommend reading the questions before reading the passage. I really haven't figured out how to ace the writing portion. There are some tips online. Remember to write a good concession and do not forget the transitions. Also, have a few advanced vocabulary words you can fit into your writing piece no matter what the subject is. For the ACT, it lets you pick four colleges to send your scores to for free. After that, it costs money to have the ACT directly send the scores to a college. Some colleges, however, will accept the score sheet that comes in the mail (you can also print off copies of it online after you take the ACT). Also, some high schools automatically print your ACT scores onto your transcript and some colleges will accept this. If it does not specify on a college's website, I suggest just emailing admissions to be sure. You will have to give your current GPA because the next time your GPA is calculated will probably be after the application deadline. It will benefit you to apply now to some colleges. One of the schools I was interested in accepts students in the order they apply. So if you wait too long to apply, your program could be filled up. Make sure you have a really great essay to submit. The application essays can definitely sway admissions one way or another. In the essay, try to show them what would make you a good addition to their school that every other kid doesn't offer. For the ACT, a lot of kids improved between the first and second time that they took the test. If you do not do great the first time, do not give up. Colleges don't only look at your ACT score. So if your score isn't at the top of their "average accepted freshman score" scale, it's okay! They care about your GPA, class rank, rigor, community service, essay/personal statement, and extra-curricular activities too. If you want anymore ACT tips, I still have plenty of handouts from the class I took so just let me know! GOOD LUCK, YOU WILL ROCK IT!
  5. Typically that question is an easy answer for me. I like to be honest. I happened to do something rather dishonest with my friends this weekend. We are all on an app called Tinder (it's an app to meet people who are near where you live) and we befriended a few boys. Their hockey team was staying at a hotel about 30 minutes from where we live and we decided to go hangout with them on Friday night (without any parental permission, we told them we were sleeping at one of our houses which was the truth but not the full truth). So at the end of the night, I saw my purse on the ground. It was upside down and all of the contents had spilled out so I started grabbing my lipstick. Then I noticed my wallet was missing. Yes, I didn't know these boys very well but they didn't seem like those type of guys. The only issue is that a few of them were rather drunk and could have easily moved it somewhere and been unaware of what they had done. I absolutely had my wallet in the hotel because both my friend and I had seen it in my purse when I was searching for Dum Dum circles. Now here is the issue... my savings account card, my permit, and around $200 were in that wallet. It seems like it would be easy right? Just say "sorry mom, I made a mistake, please help me get out of it" but I am a bit worried... when I was in my sophomore year of high school, I had an alcoholic beverage at my friend's house since her mom was gone and I felt so guilty and told my mom (she had always been the "cool mom" and said I could tell her anything and she wouldn't get mad)... she pretended it wasn't a huge deal but she didn't like me hanging out with those friends anymore and always asked if I was drinking every time I went there. She didn't seem to trust me anymore. Finally, I have gotten that back and then this happened. Do I regret visiting the hockey team? No, we had fun conversation and all got along pretty well. Do I regret bringing my purse inside? Eh, yeah but what's the point of regrets since you can't go back and fix them. On Saturday we went back to look for my wallet more but it wasn't anywhere to be found. Some of the boys even cleaned up their entire rooms to look for it but it just was nowhere to be found. So here is my dilemma and here are my options... 1. Tell my mom the truth and have her not let me go to my friends' houses for awhile probably. 2. Ask my grandma for advice and help since she could help me with everything aside from the savings account card replacement. And then I could maybe just have my grandma help me get out of this trouble without telling my mom. 3. Tell my mom that I lost my wallet (which is technically true) and just leave out the when and where... I sound like a pretty horrible person probably but I just don't want to lose my mom's trust again (I sound rebellious from this probably but really I'm not) but I also don't want to lie. I just don't know if those two things can coexist.
  6. laurelnoelle

    2 boys...

    I think I made it clear my goal is not to find a husband. I don't want a relationship simply to have a relationship. I would like a relationship with this guy because I think we share a deeper bond, one that would help us grow as individuals as well. I have a lot of love to give, and I would like to share it with him, if he so chooses to share his with me. And I don't believe all connections are the same, but some of them are most definitely worth following.
  7. laurelnoelle

    2 boys...

    On top of this, the same night I texted the boy I like and told him I liked him, she texted the boy she likes and told him that she liked him. He texted her and said that he liked her back relatively fast. Then tonight he texts me some confusing stuff, kind of like "I have news, but I'm not going to tell you", so of course I pushed it out of him. That's what I do, because usually it is fun news, right? It wasn't. He told me that despite her liking him, he likes me. He kind of likes her, but he thinks it is mostly out of guilt. He knows I am into the other guy though because I told him about all of that a couple nights ago. I mean it was mostly my idea to tell her guy she liked him. It was kind of a "it's New Year's Eve, let's start 2015 out right, let's tell the guys we like them so we know". Due to a previous event and them seeming to talk a lot, me along with our other two best friends agreed that he liked her. And I am sort of mad at him for saying he liked her when he only kind of likes her, but I wouldn't have wanted him to say he didn't like her and ruin her night. So I understand what he did and why he did it. This is just a weird situation, and really weird timing. So what do I do? I feel like telling her all of this is just too much. I don't want to lie to her either though. Should I just try to help her move on without being too obvious? Should I be full-out honest? Are there any other solutions? I'm sorry for asking for so much advice, you guys just tend to be spectacular at giving it.
  8. laurelnoelle

    2 boys...

    Oh gosh, I am absolutely not searching for a husband right now haha. I mean I'd be open to getting into a relationship though, but I don't see the point of having a meaningless one. I don't want to date a guy because he is nice or because he is smart, I want to date him because we have an undeniable connection, you know? I really appreciate everyone's advice!
  9. laurelnoelle

    First Move: Guys or Girls?

    I think if you want a move to be made, just go and make it yourself. We spend far too much time waiting for someone else to do things and to change things and to make things happen... yet we are capable of the same things. If you want to kiss the boy, go kiss him. If you want to know how he feels, ask. If you love him, tell him, because your love for him should not depend on his love for you. I understand why girls want guys to make the first move. Our entire lives we have been told that is how it is supposed to be. But women are just as entitled to expressing their feelings as men so why don't we? Because we are scared. Boys are scared too and how they get the nerve to say something first is beyond me... they do it so often and it seems to come so naturally for them yet in reality they are probably panicking. Making the first move sucks because you know rejection is a possible outcome. But I realized that I would rather be rejected than always wonder "what if".
  10. laurelnoelle

    2 boys...

    Alright, I typed this guy out multiple paragraphs to try to put my thoughts and feelings into words. I let him know that I had to know where his head was at. I explained I made out with the guy... I also explained why (partly because I felt rejected... and partly because I was trying to prove myself I could kiss boys just for fun like many of my friends do). It's really long... like 530 words (I typed it out on word because it is so much easier). But I think I included everything I needed to. I was upfront about how I felt and my worries and everything. I haven't ever said all of that to a guy. I haven't even made the first move with a guy up until then. But I needed to for my own sake. I am really terrified to send this, but I am going to. I told him I don't need us to rush things, but I basically said that I just needed to know where his head was. Because if I like him way more than he likes me... I would rather know so I don't feel tied down to a relationship that won't happen, you know? I wrote my heart out... literally, my heart poured onto the screen (usually I'd say paper but I thought "Hi, can I have your address to send you an almost-love-letter" would be more awkward than this...). I have no regrets.
  11. laurelnoelle

    2 boys...

    Okay so I liked a boy starting in October. We got really close, really fast... and it just kept going. At one point he told me that he thought he was developing feelings for me but I wasn't sure if I was at that point . A couple months later we were in a deep conversation, and he said I was going to make for the best wife. Then he explained why and it wasn't those staple characteristics, it was more. I've received a lot of compliments from guys, mostly whom had questionable intentions. This type of compliment was different. Anyways, we have talked a bit less the past month. He battles with severe depression and has low self-esteem, both which hinder his communication. When he has really bad days, he tends to avoid his phone altogether. I understand, sometimes it is easier to just disconnect from the world. On New Year's Eve night, I told the guy I liked him via Kik (a messaging app). It was not a drunken text, I promise. It shows when someone has read the message though, and he hadn't up until the following night. So on New Year's Day I had a movie night with some friends and a guy who I had been talking to for about a week joined us. This guy and I were just friends, he had told me about the girl he claimed to be in love with and I tried to help him with it. Before the movie started, we all complained about our love lives, going around the room and explaining our (mostly) unrequited loves. There were two couches and my friends piled on the other one. I would have joined them but I didn't want to leave the guy alone. About halfway through the movie we started cuddling... and then had an impromptu make out session. Ironically, my friends and I were discussing kissing boys just for the fun of it before he arrived and I said I wasn't into it because it was rather meaningless... oh how the tables had turned. Then after he left, he texted me liked me. Not too long after, the other guy said he really liked me too. So... here I am. I keep thinking of that quote, "If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second." But the first boy... I think I am actually in love with. Like I used to throw that term around, "in-love". But this boy is always on my mind. Not just fantasizing about us together, but like I wonder if he's alright and if he needs to talk and just... I don't know. I feel like I can talk to him about anything yet I still get these crazy butterflies when I talk to him. Thinking of him makes me smile... But then there is the other boy. I don't know if I like him or if I liked the cuddling and kissing... I mean he is a really great guy, but I wouldn't use the word love to describe our relationship. He would though. What would you do?
  12. laurelnoelle

    So there's this guy..

    If you truly like the guy or feel as though you two have some sort of connection, I would suggest striking up a conversation. Give "it" a shot, whether "it" is getting his number or simply saying hi. You don't want to look back on this ten years from now and have any regrets. He's just a boy, keep that in mind at all times. I think it is easy to have a crush turn into some idol. On top of this, if you are going to talk to him, I would suggest going in with the intention of friendship. I think it makes things easier on everyone and relieves a lot of the pressure if you don't go into your first conversation already envisioning your wedding. Like Jakob said, there are a lot of men though. Sometimes you just get ahead of yourself with it all. You see a cute boy, he seems perfect and it seems as though you were "meant to be"... but more times than not, he won't be the one. Eventually, you will find him, but it will probably take awhile. And if this boy happens to be the one or you think he is, I think it would be best to maybe become friends with him now and when he gets back, maybe just see where things go. He wants to join the army for now though so I would definitely try to not hold him back from his dreams/goals.
  13. laurelnoelle

    Asking God...

    Alright, I am a Christian but when I was trying to determine where this topic fit, it only seemed right here. In life, when faced with big decisions, I tend to go with my gut or rely on my moral code. However, a lot of Christians say that they do what God told them to do or that they prayed about it and received an answer. I genuinely have wondered how these answers come. I have thought about it but can never figure it out. It isn't like getting a letter in the mail or a text message on your phone, so how do these messages transfer from God to you?
  14. laurelnoelle

    Approaching Boys...

    Oh my gosh hahahahah
  15. My mom wants me to stay home tomorrow because I've been sick all weekend but I feel like my teachers will get mad if I'm missing school this early in the year... Decisions decisions.